Success Stories

Last month, we shared the incredible achievements of nine-year-old Rithwik, who's goal was to complete the Kumon Maths Programme before his 10th birthday. We are pleased to announce that Rithwik has reached his goal, and is now one of only a few students to complete the Kumon Maths Programme by the time they're nine years old.
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Eight-year-old Emmanuel from the Kumon Caversham Study Centre is thriving in school, excelling in his school's maths club and is making excellent progress in the Kumon Maths Programme.
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Rithwik has committed himself to daily Kumon study; allowing him to develop and hone fundamental study skills that is helping him to progress swiftly throughout the Kumon Maths Programme.
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Among the 20,000 entries that were submitted nationwide, Sean's short story, The Dead Knight, was chosen for publication in 'Stranger Sagas'.
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Luke's passion while studying the maths programme, inspired him to find out more about the origins of Kumon and visit the Toru Kumon Museum.
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The Kumon maths and English Programmes have boosted Tanay's confidence, and has helped him excel in not only his school studies, but in his extracurricular activities.
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