Success Stories

Spandan has demonstrated at school what he has learned at Kumon and as a result he is now working three years above school grade level.
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12-year-old Cillian has grown tremendously in confidence and independence thanks to his commitment to Kumon.
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Following nine-year-old Martha's amazing progress on the maths programme, her mum Maggie also enrolled her daughter onto the English programme with Instructor, Liz Burrin.
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Over the last six years' she's spent studying with Kumon, 11-year-old Connie from Surrey, has developed vastly in confidence and belief in her academic abilities. 
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A fundamental aim of the Kumon Method is to instil in students a passion and enthusiasm for learning; six-year-old Hawwa has this in abundance!
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Seven years ago, Rohit followed in his elder sister's footsteps by beginning study on Kumon's maths programme. Now aged 11, Rohit is extremely well placed to succeed in his future studies at secondary school and beyond, thanks to his commitment to Kumon.
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