Success Stories

A fundamental aim of the Kumon Method is to instil in students a passion and enthusiasm for learning; six-year-old Hawwa has this in abundance!
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Seven years ago, Rohit followed in his elder sister’s footsteps by beginning study on Kumon’s maths programme. Now aged 11, Rohit is extremely well placed to succeed in his future studies at secondary school and beyond, thanks to his commitment to Kumon.
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It was celebrations all-round when the local Kumon families of Ashford, Kent came together last month to recognise the amazing academic feats of their children.
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Central to the Kumon Method is the principle of giving students the confidence and courage to confront new challenges and chase their own goals; one Kumon family who have been doing just this are the Ahmadis’, made up of brothers Javid, Haris and Elias.
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Hear from our students to find out what Kumon means to them.
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An early commitment to Kumon meant Michael had developed the skills and can-do attitude to pass his 11+ exams.
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