Aged 12 and above

Edward develops a love of Shakespeare, thanks to Kumon

Jul 2023

Edward has been studying at the Kumon Witney and Carterton Study Centre for the past five years and now, at 13 years old, is proud to be a Completer of the Kumon English Programme! Through Kumon study, Edward has become a confident, independent learner who enjoys education,

“I remember that I found the Kumon programmes challenging when I started, and to think I’ve now completed the entire English Programme, makes me feel very proud and happy!”

One of the main principles of the Kumon Method of Learning is to help students develop confidence which will enable them to confront new challenges, like unfamiliar material, head on. Once a student has expanded their ability, they come closer to fulfilling their true potential and are ready to take on even difficult work that they haven’t seen before,

“I’ve enjoyed learning about Shakespeare and his plays. It’s fun because he pops up a lot at school and now I know the text of his most famous work. At school, I’ve been getting higher than the class average.”

The Kumon English Programme has helped Edward gain a deeper understanding of the texts that he has been studying, introducing him to advanced concepts such as figurative language like metaphors, similes and symbols.

“I like that there is help available if ever I’m stuck on something. I like that Kumon covers subjects slower than school and I enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the centre so you can focus. My Instructor helped me because he would make me laugh and help me on the hardest questions. I liked that I won awards in Kumon – I felt happy that all the hard work I’ve done has paid off with an award.”

Guy, Edward’s father, was not previously familiar with Kumon before enrolling his son, and he is very happy with the progress Edward has made,

“One of my friends told me that Kumon will help my children improve their maths and English, and now Edward is top of his class. He has a lot more confidence thanks to Kumon and the help of his Instructors who were there when we needed them.”

Edward has caught a glimpse of what he can achieve by completing the Kumon English Programme and is now thinking about his future and how he plans to succeed later in life,

“I would like to be a doctor so I can help people. Kumon has helped me achieve the good grades I’ll need.”

Edward lacked confidence in his abilities and knowledge but excelling in Kumon study has helped him excel in areas he previously found difficult. Now, more certain than ever, Edward is aiming high for his future because he knows he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to!