How sisters, Kirsty and Emily, are benefiting from Kumon's maths programme

Mar 2018
Thanks to Kumon Emily and Kirsty have a new-found confidence in maths.

Kirsty enrolled onto the Kumon Maths Programme in 2012. Encouraged by her amazing progress, mum Denise decided to enrol her younger daughter Emily, a year later.

The Kumon Maths Programme has helped the sisters acquire a greater, more in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts. Emily said: “I am much stronger in my mental arithmetic after Kumon. They call me the ‘times tables queen’”, and Kirsty added: “Kumon has helped me to improve in my school work so much so that I have moved up to the top set.”

Both girls are working exceedingly well: 14-year-old Kirsty is currently learning functions which includes quadratic, fractional and logarithmic equations, whilst 12-year-old Emily is studying simultaneous equations with Kumon. 

A new-found confidence in maths has meant that Kirsty and Emily have become more involved in class, raising their hands and contributing to group discussions. They also approach problem solving with determination now, rather than relying on assistance when they get stuck. They’re working independently, using the methods and study skills instilled in them at Kumon to work through questions on their own. 

“Our Instructor Fabienne is really supportive and uses different ways to help us understand maths. As a result, we can solve maths problems ourselves”, said the sisters.

Fabienne, Instructor at the Teddington study centre commented on both her students’ progress: “I’m so proud of Kirsty who has developed into a super bright, happy and confident student through persevering on the maths programme.

“It’s great to see Emily gaining a quiet confidence in her own abilities, learning not to give up but persisting through to understanding and mastery in maths. Such an achievement.” 

Denise is delighted that everything has come together for both her daughters through Kumon’s individualised study programme. She concluded: “It takes perseverance, but it is well worth it. My daughters’ results show what can be achieved through hard work and determination. They both have a can-do attitude to problem solving.”

Keep up the hard work Kirsty and Emily!