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Kumon drives William to GCSE success

Oct 2019

16-year-old William, from the South Norwood study centre, in South London has achieved outstanding GSCE results! With a Grade 9 in both Maths and Physics, Grade 8 in English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, French and Grade 7 in English Literature and History (all equivalent to A* and A marks), William credits Kumon for his success with his GCSEs. He also believes that the academic confidence he developed from studying with Kumon has given him the extra edge he needed to gain entry into the super-selective sixth-form of the prestigious St Olave’s Grammar school.

Since studying the Kumon Maths Programme in 2010, William has improved his mental maths ability. His mother, Pamela, says “he has gained essential skills, such as problem-solving and has the ability to do his maths calculations in his head quickly. I also think it has helped him to become more disciplined and focused in managing his work, given the daily study routine of the Kumon Maths Programme.”

Impressed with the programme and the impact it has had on all of her children, Pamela expresses, “All three of my children have benefitted from Kumon study; William being the last of the bunch but by no means the least. If anything, it seems he has benefitted the most, given his outstanding GCSE performance.”

In addition to helping him succeed in maths, these skills have also been useful in other subjects at school. William says, “Kumon has helped me to be faster at mental maths. I am able to solve non-calculator questions in less time than my school peers. I have also noticed how well it has helped me with science (especially physics), as I am able to solve the maths-related questions more efficiently.”

He now aspires to pursue a career in aeronautic engineering which requires an adequate knowledge of advanced mathematics. He is confident that the skills he has developed at Kumon will help him to fulfil his future goal; “Kumon has provided me with the fundamental skills to pursue my career as it has given me a head start academically. It has also made me be more resilient and less prone to feeling discouraged if I answer a question incorrectly.”

With the guidance from his Kumon instructor, Meena Jog, he has learned to overcome challenges. William says, “My Instructor is very supportive and understanding of her students. She always listens and also motivates us to try our hardest, so that we can achieve success. Due to her support, I have been able to exceed my limits and reach my potential.”

As William embarks on his new journey at St Olave’s Grammar school, we hope that the Kumon Maths Programmes continues to benefit him and his future studies.