Kumon study has tremendously improved Michelle's English and maths ability

Jan 2018
"The confidence she has in arithmetic is amazing, and it's a good base for when she comes to study more advanced topics."

Seven-year-old Michelle has been studying on the Kumon English Programme at the Teddington study centre since September 2014.

As non-native English speakers Michelle's parents, Simona and Marco, were concerned they wouldn't be able to give her the full support she'd need to develop strong English literacy and language skills, so they turned to Kumon for that extra help.

The English programme focuses on topics ranging from the development of phonics and expanding vocabulary, to the critical analysis of literary texts. The programme has helped Michelle make tremendous progress in English over the years and has fostered in her a real love of reading. She enjoys challenging herself and is always eager to read books of different genres and greater difficulty.

Marco is extremely proud of his daughter's achievements and said: "Thanks to Kumon, Michelle's learning path has been excellent, and she can now express herself in perfect English. Growing up within a non-native English-speaking family, we thought Michelle might have difficulties, but thanks to Kumon she uses English at the same level as her peers." Simona added: "She has filled any possible gaps with English language."

In addition to showing great improvement in English, Michelle later enrolled onto the Kumon Maths Programme in 2016, and again showed fantastic growth. Marco and Simona explained: "Our daughter's shown significant improvements in learning numbers with three or more digits and easily does calculations using the four operations.

"She really enjoys maths and has become more and more confident with numbers. The confidence she has in arithmetic is amazing, and it's a good base for when she comes to study more advanced topics. She has developed higher maths skills than the average child at the same age."

Michelle shared how: "Kumon has helped with my maths and now I find it easier at school. I also know my times tables and division."

Instructor, Fabienne Wattam has been running the Teddington study centre for over 10 years and has nurtured students of all abilities; those who've found English or maths challenging at school, those looking to develop their skills beyond that of their peers, and some like Michelle, for whom English is their second language.

Fabienne said: "Michelle always leaves class with a smile on her face; she loves reading and encountering new words and expressions and is so engaged with her learning. I'm so happy to see her reach the higher levels of the programme through her own hard work."

Kumon has helped Michelle in all other school subjects and encouraged her to develop a positive approach to study in general. Summing up her Kumon journey so far, Marco and Simona concluded: "Kumon has been an intensive and excellent experience for our little girl."

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