Liyanna zooms up eight levels in her first year with Kumon

Sep 2018
Kumon has provided Liyanna with a strong foundation to develop her skills, which is why today, she is an independent learner thriving in school.

Eight-year-old Liyanna joined the Chessington study centre in 2016. Her mother, Jaishree, registered Liyanna for Kumon’s two-week Free Trial to better understand how Kumon could have a positive impact on her daughter's school work, as Liyanna’s hearing impairment had begun to stifle her progress at school.

At the start of Liyanna’s journey with Kumon, she struggled with reading and writing. Her Instructor, Abby, says “she would repeat words or just read them without understanding the meaning. There was a definite issue with comprehension as she would read the words and guess the sentences by looking at the pictures."

Jaishree explains that Kumon has developed Liyanna’s ability to read and understand a variety of texts. She says, “Liyanna had found it difficult to fully grasp English due to her hearing impairment. However, daily Kumon study has improved her writing and understanding of English.” Within a year of studying Kumon’s English Programme, Liyanna made tremendous progress; she moved up eight levels and is now working on sentence building.

Liyanna’s commitment to daily Kumon study has also had a significant impact on her maths skills. Abby remembers a time when Liyanna would rely on her fingers to solve maths equations. She says, “when she took her diagnostic test, she used her fingers to count and gave up on larger numbers, as she had run out of fingers to count with.” Both Abby and Liyanna are pleased with the progress she has demonstrated since then.

Liyanna states, “Kumon has helped me avoid using my fingers to calculate. I can now solve maths equations mentally.” In her recent maths test, she achieved an outstanding 68 out of 70, in which she completed all 25 questions in 21 minutes. Liyanna has become a motivated student who is constantly pushing herself to do better. Abby says, “Liyanna always aims for 100% and feels a real sense of achievement when she achieves it. She displays self-learning qualities and loves it when she figures out a new maths problem by herself.”

Kumon has provided Liyanna with a strong foundation to develop her skills, which is why today, she is an independent learner thriving in school. Liyanna says, “Kumon has really helped me. The teachers in school know that I can solve maths problems when my class mates find it difficult.” Kumon has developed Liyanna’s confidence and her mother believes it has “motivated her to do well in other school subjects.”

Jaishree hoped that Kumon would not only improve Liyanna’s maths and English skills, but will also help her develop essential skills that she can apply to all areas of her life. She says, “the Kumon Maths Programme has improved Liyanna’s logical thinking, which exceeds far beyond maths. I have noticed how she has used these skills at home.” Liyanna’s story affirms Kumon’s goal to help students discover their full potential. We are excited to see the great strides Liyanna will continue to make with Kumon and beyond.

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