Ojas discovers his natural passion for maths and takes on the highest level of study with Kumon

Jan 2023

Ojas, from Edinburgh, started his Kumon journey in 2019 at the Kumon Corstorphine Study Centre when he was six years old. He started the early levels of the Kumon Maths Programme and was encouraged to build his study skills, confidence and ability. Now, aged eight and in Primary 4, he has demonstrated excellent focus in his studies and has made extraordinary progress to Level J of the maths programme which covers topics that would be found in S2-S3 in the Scottish Higher syllabus - this means he's working on concepts that are usually tackled in schools by a 16-year-old!

How has Ojas achieved this remarkable progress?

Ojas told us, “When I was in Primary 2 in my school, I was being taught very basic Mathematics. I very quickly mastered most of this and so my father helped me challenge myself by learning advanced Mathematics subjects well ahead of my school year group.”

Kumon offered the perfect learning environment for Ojas, providing him with the opportunity to challenge himself, while establishing a consistent study routine that supported his recall and ability growth. He has made consistent progress through regular practice, a fearless attitude and an unstoppable determination.

The Kumon method suited Ojas as he was able to work at his own pace and was not restricted by any syllabus. He was empowered and encouraged to progress in his individually assigned Kumon work, without letting the pandemic lockdown and tough learning conditions at school slow him down.

Ojas’ mother, Meeta, acknowledged the difference she has witnessed in Ojas since joining Kumon, commenting:

“We are absolutely delighted with the Kumon Maths Programme as it has helped our son develop and enhance his maths skills. In addition, it has also helped in building critical life skills such as time management, quick-thinking and perseverance. Kumon has had a noticeable positive impact on his overall personality, self-assurance and understanding of maths.”

By completing his Kumon studies consistently, Ojas says that he has become increasingly resilient in attempting and answering maths problems not only of his current but also of advanced grade levels at school. As well as developing his academic skills, he has also learned to be more patient, disciplined and resolute. He says with enthusiasm, “I now find doing my schoolwork, and particularly maths, much easier and more exciting – thanks to Kumon!”

His mum, Meeta had heard about Kumon through some of the younger members of her extended family who have previously studied the Kumon programme, so she was already familiar with Kumon and its benefits, making the decision of enrolling Ojas fairly straightforward for her. She has found it to be an ideal way to motivate Ojas to increase his interest in his maths work and to push himself further. She feels that Kumon is an excellent programme for children to develop their maths and English skills and build rhythm in their work routine for an extended period of time.

Mr. Colin McCloghry, the Depute of Middle Primary at Ojas’ school, is extremely happy to see him grow and excel in his studies. He commented: “It feels amazing to see how well Ojas is doing in his class, he is currently in the top set in maths. It’s great to hear that he is succeeding in his Kumon journey too. His name and achievements were mentioned in the school assembly as well. So, not only did we celebrate his success, but also his peers appreciated his accomplishments.”

Kanika Paterson, Ojas’s Instructor at the Corstorphine study centre in Edinburgh, has provided constant support and guidance to Ojas in his journey. She believes that apart from working diligently and independently, he has an inquisitive mind and is eager to explore the next levels of the Kumon Maths Programme.

“Ojas is one of the most special students I’ve come across. I have no doubt that his extraordinary study attitude and eagerness for studying higher maths will take him to great heights in life.”

Meeta added: “There is an excellent rapport between Ojas and Kanika as she has been very instrumental in helping him achieve his current level. She has also been phenomenally understanding, accommodating and kind in assisting us keep Ojas interested in his maths work. We have recommended Kumon to numerous friends and family members where some have actually followed up and enrolled their kids in recent years. I am absolutely confident that our son will be able to complete all levels of Kumon with flying colours.”

Ojas has shown us how unaverred dedication, and joy of learning more can be extremely rewarding, leaving a sense of achievement and satisfaction. While he fully expects to study a number of advanced degrees at university, his real dream is to pursue his passion for sport. We look forward to seeing your progression - Great job, Ojas!