"She has not said I can't do it since she started Kumon."

Jul 2017
"I have noticed such a difference in Donya, from her personality to her education. "

After almost seven years of study, 16-year-old Donya completed the Kumon English Programme in May 2017, meaning she can provide critical analysis of advanced texts, from authors such as William Shakespeare and Jane Austen. She has also become a self-learner; motivated and equipped with the skills and abilities to tackle challenges in life, school and beyond.

Having enrolled onto the English programme at the Kumon Teddington Study Centre aged ten, Donya has impressively progressed through 16 levels of the programme with lots of hard work and commitment, mastering comprehension elements from sentence building to summarisation and critique.

Sharing her Kumon experience, Donya said: "Kumon has drilled into me the important fundamentals which help me with more complex topics, and allow me to tackle work I haven't seen before. In Kumon, you study work ahead of your school year, so you see a massive difference when you come to study this later; certainly, one of the most enjoyable aspects about studying on the Kumon programmes was mastering something I originally found hard, and then covering this at school with ease.

"Through Kumon I have gained the skills and determination to enable me to fulfil my future aims."

Donya's mum, Aryan, credits Kumon with having had a positive impact on Donya's education as well as in other areas of her life, so much so that she recommends Kumon to her friends so their children can too experience the benefits of Kumon study.

She said: "Kumon has significantly helped it shot Donya from 0 to 100. I've seen this in her results and in the many awards she has received.

"English is mine and Donya's second language but, because of Kumon, it's like English is her first language. She also sped to the top set in a matter of months for most subjects including science, because of Kumon.

"I have noticed such a difference in Donya, from her personality to her education. She is more confident in what she does whether it be in education or socialising; she has not said I can't do it since she started Kumon. She has a bright future ahead for she has the foundations to do anything."

Her Instructor Fabienne, is equally proud of her achievements and is so pleased that Donya has reached this great milestone in her Kumon journey. Fabienne said: "Donya has been an inspirational example of what can be achieved with focus and determination. Donya has been with me from the start and has always been delightful, a bubbly and very positive personality, who enjoys her work and has had tremendous staying power which has led her to complete the English programme as well as study to an advanced level in maths.

"I have no doubt that she will go on to fulfil her dreams of becoming a doctor. I am sad to let her go as she has become very much part of the fabric of our centre, standing as a role model for all the other students coming up behind her."

Being able to share such wonderful experiences from our students and their families is so rewarding. Massive congratulations go to Donya for completing the Kumon English Programme and we wish her all the best for a very bright future.