Sisters at Kumon Kingswinford make phenomenal progress

Apr 2016
Kingswinford students Alexandra and Francesca
"Kumon has been a fantastic help"

Sisters Alexandra and Francesca have been studying at the Kumon Kingswinford Study Centre for nearly two years. Ten-year-old Alexandra is enrolled on both the maths and English programmes, whilst seven-year-old Francesca is an English student.

Both girls have been making outstanding progress and we caught up with them and their mum Maxine to hear more about their Kumon journey.

Maxine said: "I first heard about Kumon from Francesca's friend, who was studying on the programme. From a struggling student, I saw him grow in confidence and develop a very positive attitude to study; encouraged by this, I spoke with my husband and we decided to enrol our eldest daughter Alexandra onto the maths programme.

"We were so impressed four months later we enrolled both girls on the English programme.

"Kumon has been a fantastic help for them, they have really come on leaps and bounds. I have seen fantastic improvements in both of my daughters. With Alexandra in particular, she used to struggle with spelling and lacked confidence in maths and English. Now, her spelling is much better and she is fluent at reading - we love listening to her read. From a shy student who was afraid to ask questions, she always has her hand up in class, asking and answering questions.

"Their Instructor Emma is a superstar she keeps me up-to-date with their progress by regularly speaking to me before class and with texts and phone calls. Emma's help, support, and advice is wonderful and greatly appreciated."

Alexandra and Francesca themselves really see the value of Kumon and how it helps them at school and in their other subjects as well. Alexandra said: "Kumon has helped me a lot. Before Kumon I used to hate reading, but now I love it! My spelling has improved and I am now in the top set in maths. In a recent maths lesson, my teacher was so impressed that I had my hand up and was answering all the questions correctly, she made me an award!

"Last year I received the Kumon Kingswinford Student of the Year award. When Emma said my name I thought she was joking! I am very proud of myself though and very pleased that I won it."

Francesca has also seen the benefits of Kumon study and is currently studying work beyond her school grade level. She said: "When I first started Kumon, I wasn't very good at English, but now I am. My handwriting is a lot better and I am now on the higher green table in literacy. I enjoy going to Kumon because I get to learn new things, which I like, and get better at them. In class, Emma is a brilliant helper and very kind."

Emma too is extremely proud of Alexandra and Francesca's achievements. She said: "Both girls have made phenomenal progress and it is wonderful to see how far they've come.

"Their dedication and commitment to their daily Kumon study has made a huge difference to their confidence and self-belief in their own learning. The girl's skip to class, with smiles on their faces; they want to come because they understand the value of Kumon. They are fantastic students who always work really hard and do their homework, without fail.

"Alexandra and Francesca's mum, Maxine is extremely supportive; she marks three lots of worksheets each night and continually motivates and encourages both girls to try their best and reach their true potential."

The girls set aside time each day to sit together and complete their Kumon worksheets and think it is nice to be able to support one another.

It's great to hear how a family is experiencing such positive benefits of studying with Kumon. Keep up the excellent work Alexandra and Francesca, and we wish you many more successes as you carry on progressing through the programmes.