Six-year-old Hawwa's love of learning

Jun 2018
"She is very independent when it comes to her study. She likes to get on with it herself rather than asking for help. "

A fundamental aim of the Kumon Method is to instil in students a passion and enthusiasm for learning; six-year-old Hawwa has this in abundance!

As a toddler Hawwa would watch her older sister Suraiya complete her daily Kumon study and would be eager to do the same herself. In fact, often she’d accompany Suraiya to her Kumon class in Thorton Heath, south London, and seeing Hawwa’s interest, Instructor Nina would give her one of the early years’ worksheets to try out for herself as she waited.

Wanting to support and encourage Hawwa’s zest for learning her mum, Sameera, enrolled her onto the Kumon Maths and English Programmes when she turned three years old.    
Fast-forward three years and Hawwa is flourishing at both school and at Kumon; in fact, having just completed level D of the maths programme aged six, meaning she can perform all four of the key mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), you could say Hawwa is more than just flourishing at Kumon! And she’s flying through the English programme already on level E where she’s learning about paragraph structure.

We caught up with both Sameera and Hawwa to find out more about their Kumon experience.

Sameera said: “Hawwa has always loved reading. Even before she could read she would pick up books and look through the pictures. I think being on the Kumon English Programme has inspired her even more. After studying passages on the Kumon worksheets, she likes to read the books in their entirety and then actually picks out the passages she has previously studied.

“She also makes links with her Kumon learning and things she sees on TV, for example if she has learnt something about space through her Kumon and then watches a programme on space, she’ll tell us she knows that from Kumon. She has really great memory recall for that sort of thing.

“She is very independent when it comes to her study. She likes to get on with it herself rather than asking for help.

“As a summer baby Hawwa is one of the youngest students in her year, yet she has never struggled at school. In fact, she is at the top of her class.

“Kumon gave her an early habit of daily learning, helped her to focus and work things out for herself.

“We never want to push Hawwa. She works at her own pace and has a good balance between her school work, her Kumon and her hobbies. She likes drama, tap, gymnastics and ballet just as much as she does seeing her friends.”

Hawwa shared about Kumon: “In maths it helps me to develop my skills and in English it helps me to do better in my comprehension.

“I like Kumon because I like to challenge myself and I do work I’ve not done before.

“When I grow up I want to be a teacher. Kumon has taught me never to give up.”

We love speaking with our Kumon families and hearing first-hand how the skills and knowledge our students are developing at Kumon are helping them thrive in all areas of their lives.

We wish Hawwa the very best as she continues onwards with her Kumon journey!