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Three brothers proudly studying three years ahead of their school year level

Mar 2021

Brothers, Beyazid (12-years-old), Yunus (nine-years-old) and Yavuz (five-years-old) have each been placed on Level 3 of Kumon’s Advanced Student Honour Roll (ASHR) in maths. This means the brothers are studying maths at a proficiency that is three or more years higher than the international standard expected for their age; a significant and laudable achievement particularly given the disruption caused by the pandemic.

At Kumon, students are encouraged to study independently and to complete work assigned to them on a regular basis; thereby establishing a steady routine and fostering good study habits. Beyazid, Yunus and Yavuz all began their Kumon journeys at a young age and are proof of what can be achieved with perseverance and discipline. 

Eldest brother, Beyazid, shared his earliest memories of Kumon with us;

“When I first joined Kumon, aged three, I recall attending the centre and learning basic addition and subtraction; this proved beneficial and gave me a head start when I joined school. To this day, Kumon study continues to teach me topics that are often covered later in school, which has enabled me to benefit from the additional topic knowledge and be at the top of my class. All that I have learnt from Kumon will help me with my GCSEs in two years’ time, and future studies.”

Beyazid, who is in Year 8, is currently studying A-level-standard trigonometry with Kumon; a topic that he is yet to cover at school.

Middle brother Yunus also shared his memories of Kumon with us:

“Through Kumon study, now I can confidently complete equations, complete my school work with speed and accuracy, and achieve high scores in my tests at school. I developed a study routine that helped me to manage my time better and I learned to work independently. Because Kumon has been a part of my life and daily routine for such a long time, it is now a part of me that I know will help me to succeed in the future.” 

Yunus, who is in Year 5, is currently studying simultaneous equations, inequalities, and graphing functions with Kumon.

Youngest brother Yavuz, who is in Reception, told us,

“Kumon has helped me to learn how to write numbers, count, and do number additions and subtractions. I now complete my Kumon on my own without my mum asking me to. Although I don’t know exactly what I’d like to be when I’m older, I like to talk about natural disasters, space and planet Earth. I’m sure Kumon maths will help me in school and when I’m grown up.”

Yavuz is currently studying column addition and subtraction questions with Kumon.

The boys’ mother, Azlina, commented; 

"I am very happy with the Kumon programme. The Kumon worksheets are structured so that my children can pick up and work on new maths concepts independently most of the time. At other times, our Kumon instructor, Corinne, is always available to guide them.

Kumon has helped my sons achieve confidence and success in mathematics at school and beyond; Beyazid and Yunus have both represented their school in regional/nationwide maths quizzes and challenges. Yunus sat for his 11+ mock exam recently and received a score in the 90th percentile for maths. Yavuz is only in Reception and is already fluent at three-digit vertical subtraction. I am pleased that the perseverance and hardwork my three boys have put into the Kumon programme have paid off.

I would definitely recommend the Kumon Maths Programme to anyone who desires academic success for their children."

Equally, Kumon Ancoats Study Centre Instructor Corinne is very proud of the three brothers.

“Bey, Yunus and Yavuz’s success is a testament to their unwavering resolve and discipline to adhere to the Kumon programme. Such good work ethics at such a young age are a joy to witness. When I see the three young brothers working at levels way above their peers, I am confident they will achieve great things in the years to come. Congratulations to mum, Azlina for raising such amazing young men.”

Well done Beyazid, Yunus and Yavuz! We at Kumon wish you all the best as you continue to excel in your Kumon studies.