Vyshali completes the English programme at just 10 years old!

May 2019
“I would like to express my gratitude to Kumon and a special thank you to my Instructor, Lola."

10-year-old Vyshali joined the Lower Sydenham study centre in 2013. Now, six years on, she has completed the entire English programme!

Vyshali’s mother, Uma, enrolled her onto the programmes after being impressed with how well her eldest daughter was already progressing with Kumon; “My eldest daughter was already enrolled onto the programmes and I immediately saw the benefits. I decided to enrol Vyshali so that she could experience the same support and flourish just as her sister had. I’ve seen how daily Kumon study has provided them with structure. Their work ethic and study pattern has improved so much so that they are able to study without me having to nudge them to do so. They are both determined and persistent.”

When Vyshali first came to Kumon, she demonstrated a lack of confidence in her ability to read and recognise words; “When I first started the programme, the worksheets seemed difficult. Understanding the questions and forming answers was challenging, but the more I completed them, the better I became. Eventually, I started to enjoy the challenge as I knew I was learning and getting better. Now I love reading and a few of my favourite books and plays are Macbeth, Pride and Prejudice, Hamlet, Lord of the Flies and An Inspector Calls.”

Uma believes that studying with Kumon has not only nurtured Vyshali into an “avid reader which has broadened her vocabulary”, it has also helped her develop a range of valuable skills, including her organisation, concentration and time-management skills. As well as these, she has also noticed a difference in her confidence and attitude towards study – it is no wonder that she has completed the entire programme at such a young age!   

Vyshali was awarded with her Kumon Completer certificate at Lower Sydenham’s annual student awards ceremony earlier this month. After receiving her award, she took to the stage and delivered a touching speech about her Kumon journey; “I would like to express my gratitude to Kumon and a special thank you to my Instructor, Lola. With Kumon, I have overcome many challenges. I still remember a day at school when my teacher said that English being my second language would hinder my schoolwork. However, Kumon has proven this statement wrong and I can proudly say that I am at the top of my class.” 

Instructor, Lola, is proud of Vyshali’s achievement; “She has achieved such a big accomplishment at the very young age of 10. Vyshali is a bright and engaged Kumon student, constantly striving to do well in all of her work. She demonstrates an amazing attitude towards her work and always makes sure she understands what she is learning. She’s able to relate what she has learned to real life situations, and to have this maturity at such a young age is definitely astounding. I’m so proud of Vyshali’s achievement. I know her family are also exceptionally proud and she should be too.”

Commenting on her overall learning experience, she said, “What I enjoyed most about the English programme was completing the tests. It gave me the opportunity to see what I could improve, which made me even more determined to do well. This has helped me to do better in school. I am now above the level that is expected of me not only in English and maths, but other subjects at school too.”

Now that she has completed the English programme, she aspires to complete the maths programme too!

Well done, Vyshali!