Wembley Central student inspires peers by sharing his Kumon experience

Sep 2016
Kumon Wembley student Henil
"Kumon has been an amazing part of my life for the last seven years."

14-year-old Henil spoke to a crowded audience of his peers and their families at Kumon Wembley Central Study Centre's latest awards ceremony. He discussed his journey to completing the Kumon English Programme, mastering the critique of advanced-level literature.

In sharing his experiences, Henil gave an insight into exactly how Kumon has helped him work towards and achieve his full potential, through the study of both maths and English.

His confidently presented story served as great motivation to his fellow students in the audience still progressing in their own Kumon journeys.

Henil said: "Honestly, I've never been a fan of English. It always seemed a lot more tedious than maths. It was never really easy. Now, I don't mind it, but there was a time when I absolutely despised it. But I managed to overcome this by accepting it as a daily routine. That way, I always did the work and eventually got better at the subject."

Henil's initial dislike of English makes his completion of the programme even more impressive; not only has he developed in his appreciation of the subject but he has excelled at it, mastering work well ahead of what would be expected of him at school.

Henil continued: "I am currently on level L on the maths programme meaning I am studying topics [like quadratic functions] three years above my school level. I have always enjoyed maths. I have always thought of it as something fun to do. I'm positive that many of you think the opposite. I hope to complete the maths programme before my GCSEs, in about two years.

"Kumon has been an amazing part of my life for the last seven years. It has taught me to always strive and work hard. I want to stress that Kumon doesn't just help you with maths and English, it helps you with all subjects. If I hadn't done Kumon, I'm certain that I would have been an average C-grade student, but now I am striving to be an A or even an A* student, and that's thanks to Kumon and all of the staff."

Navaz Sethna, Henil's Kumon Instructor is very proud of his achievements. She said: "Henil is a unique student in the way he overcame many challenges that he encountered within the higher levels of the English programme. These setbacks that he encountered in the past, allow him to enjoy the success that he deserves today.

"He is determined and steadfast in his approach, airing quiet confidence as he works. He is so inspirational to us all."

Henil now works alongside Navaz as a class assistant helping younger students work through the programmes just as he did.

Henil is well on his way to completing the Kumon Maths Programme, at which point he will have got to grips with calculus, and we wish him every success as he progresses towards this amazing achievement.