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At Kumon, we aim to nurture a generation of confident, independent children who can contribute to the global community. We too take our commitment to the community very seriously and strive to be a force for good throughout the UK. This section of our website is dedicated to our community news, including the expansion of Kumon, community events and our work with charities and partners.

Year 6 SATs results released earlier this week show a growth in attainment for students leaving primary school in the core subjects of maths and English.

Ensuring your child continues educational activities, such as Kumon study, throughout the summer holidays can mean they are confident, equipped and ready to tackle new work when they go back to school.

13-year-old Aren, an English student at the Kumon Rush Green Study Centre, gives his impressions of J.B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls.

Since enrolling onto the Kumon programmes aged four, Charlie has made fantastic progress, having developed the work skills and academic ability to thrive at school.

According to new research by the National Literacy Trust, more children than ever are reading for enjoyment.

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Kumon opens two new centres in Cambodia, bringing the number of countries and regions currently learning through Kumon to an impressive 50.

Six-year-old Connie Lai enrolled at the Kumon Waterlooville Study Centre in May 2015. Two years on and she has developed in skill, stamina and independence.

13-year-old Hadiya Parkar developed a passion for reading and writing whilst studying on the Kumon programmes and hopes to be an author when she is older.

Poet and novelist James Joyce died 76 years ago. He championed a new style of writing, we’ve had a look at some authors who adopted his stream of consciousness technique.

Happy birthday Philip K. Dick

16 December, 2016

16 December marks the birthday of sci-fi author Philip K Dick. In celebration of his birthday we’ve devised some tips for writing your own sci-fi novel.