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Amber's Kumon journey 4

My name is Amber and I am eight years old. I started studying the Kumon Maths Programme at the Antrim Study Centre seven months ago. Kumon has helped me a lot because I am now studying work ahead of what I am being taught in school. When we do new things in maths I already know how to do them as I have studied them at Kumon, like dividing with remainders. It makes me feel really good when I know how to solve a problem and get the answer right.

Sometimes I find Kumon easy and sometimes I find it hard, but that is what makes it fun for me. The thing I have enjoyed the most at Kumon so far is multiplication and the hardest thing has been long division, because I didn’t know all my times tables. However, now when I have competitions with my mum to see who can answer times tables questions the quickest, I usually win!

I like my Instructor; she is really nice and helpful. I have already got a few certificates, and even a medal, which make me feel really good and proud of myself.

Amber’s mum and dad say:
We chose Kumon for Amber as we felt she was falling behind with learning her times tables. After meeting with Marie, the Instructor, we felt it was a programme that would really benefit Amber. We liked the idea of regular and independent learning, as Amber usually needs reassurance that she is working correctly, even though she knows how to do it.

She now enjoys maths and is becoming much more confident in her abilities. When she can recall her times tables faster than us it makes her feel great! Kumon has had a fantastic effect on Amber’s schoolwork and we can see she will have a very bright future.