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Rachel case study 1

Rachel's mum says:
Having identified that my daughter Rachel needed some extra help getting to grips with maths, I did some internet research to find out what was available in the area. I was looking for structured learning with a methodical approach and Kumon seemed to fit the bill.

Kumon consists of daily worksheets which are designed to build confidence, ability, mental maths and speed, but allow each child to learn at their own pace. We attend class up to twice a week and our Kumon Instructor calls regularly to discuss progress so we, as parents, feel involved.

When Rachel embarked on her Kumon journey one year ago, she had no confidence in her maths capabilities and was struggling to add two numbers together to make ten. Studying the Kumon Maths Programme has encouraged Rachel to work at her own speed and make sure and steady progress, building her confidence and changing her perception of her maths ability.

We are delighted with her progress, as Rachel has gone from a child who was scared of maths to a child who is confident with numbers and has moved up a maths group within her class. She gets so excited when she knows the answer and is eager to put her new found skills to the test wherever we go.

When out and about, if numbers are involved I ask Rachel to add them up as she is quicker than me and I have an A-level in maths! Rachel is brilliant at mental maths now; when we go shopping she takes great satisfaction in working out the cost of items in her head. What is remarkable is that Rachel herself can see how far she has come and what an impact Kumon has had on her maths ability. Rachel is confident she can always achieve good results and definitely wants to continue her Kumon Journey.