Forest Gate Study Centre

Kirti Patel

Durning Hall Community Centre, Earlham Grove, Forest Gate, London, E7 9AB

About this centre

The Kumon Forest Gate Study Centre caters for children of all ages and abilities, with current ages ranging from four to 17 years old. 

There is a dedicated team of approximately 15 to 18 well-trained assistants who work alongside the Instructor. Together, they work towards maintaining a safe, efficient and effective learning environment to support the students' development and to help them achieve their full potential. 

We are also extremely proud of our popular and successful library which has a wide selection of books including several from the Kumon Recommended Reading List. Additionally, we have special provision for pre-school children to study Kumon on a one-to-one basis (outside normal class times).

The unique Kumon Maths and English Programmes pursue the potential of each child by developing confident, independent learners through individualised, advanced study. Through daily study of the unique Kumon worksheets your child will strive towards studying above the international standard for their age. In addition to developing academic skills, children develop independent study skills that are needed for school, university, employment and in other aspects of adult life.

My name is Kirti Patel and I have been a Kumon Instructor for almost 17 years and a Kumon parent for approximately 20 years. I am a maths graduate and had been teaching maths at a local secondary school for quite some time before I decided to become a Kumon Instructor.

Having enrolled my daughter to study Kumon maths when she was five years old, I quickly came to see the all-round study skills she was developing through Kumon study, thus enhancing her mathematical ability. As a Kumon parent, I wanted a more active role in facilitating this opportunity to children with varying abilities in the local area.

The most rewarding aspect of my role as a Kumon Instructor is when I witness a shy and timid child blossom into a confident and independent learner, or when I see my students' faces glow with pride upon overcoming difficult or challenging work.
Furthermore, when I hear heart-warming comments such as, "my child is much more confident and happy at school with huge improvements in their school reports since starting their Kumon journey" or simply "I love maths" or "I love reading", it reinforces the reasons why I am a Kumon Instructor and will continue to be for many years to come!

Centre Hours

Monday Non class day
Tuesday Non class day
Wednesday 4pm - 6pm
Thursday Non class day
Friday Non class day
Saturday 9.30am - 11.30am
Sunday Non class day
How long does a class take?
The time taken to complete a day's work may be around 30 minutes per subject. The study time is completely down to each individual and the level of the programme they are currently at.


One-off fee
Registration Fee £30
What is the Registration Fee?
To get your child started with Kumon study you will pay a one-off registration fee to register them as a student
Per month
Per Subject £60

Your child will attend the Kumon study centre for up to two days a week

Five other sets of work completed at home each week
Family waiting area

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