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Kumon is looking for driven professionals who are passionate about education, children and helping them build a brighter future. With Kumon, you can turn that passion into a reality by running your own Kumon study centre where one doesn't already exist or is available because an existing Instructor is retiring.

This is a full-time business opportunity where you will build and run your own business with the support of a dedicated Kumon Area Manager.

Your study centre could be up and running in as little as three to six months with an initial franchise fee of just £3,000.

Do children want to study Kumon where I live?

We've done the research and there are 11.5 million potential Kumon students across the UK. Use our Search Feature to find opportunities to open, or take over, a Kumon Maths and English study centre in your local area.

Day to day role of the Instructor

Being a Kumon Instructor day-to-day is a fulfilling and challenging role. Your Kumon Area Manager will be there to support you at every step of the way with ideas and guidance.

Of course, your number one focus will be on developing your students and helping them reach their potential. However, you will also run all aspects of the business ensuring that prospective parents have a positive customer experience, responding to initial enquiries and booking in diagnostic assessments, as well as managing both your Assistants and the running of your centre.

With the backing of our global brand and fully trained in our successful maths and English programmes, you will soon start building your customer base. With 100-300 students, your potential gross income could be £30,000 to £100,000 per annum.

Our recruitment process

Rewards and benefits

Many of our franchisees choose to partner with Kumon because they value the fact that we offer a successful business model as the UK’s largest supplementary education provider along with being part of a globally recognised brand.

In addition, there is a minimal franchise fee coupled with generous subsidies to franchisees opening in dedicated or retail venues. Franchisees receive full initial and ongoing training in becoming a Kumon Instructor, as well as a dedicated Area Manager to offer advice and support launching, building and marketing your business.

You will become part of a network of Instructors that share best practice along with the satisfaction of making a difference to children in your local community.

Most Popular Questions

Each child, no matter their age or ability, is a prospective Kumon student. We have identified areas of expansion based on market research and potential interest. We’d love to talk to you about existing or future opportunities, so do get in touch with our franchise team on 0800 854 714.

You need a good grasp of English and maths up to GCSE level.

When buying a start-up franchise, you will be required to invest a minimum of £3,000. This includes £400 for your initial licence fee, with £2,600 earmarked for marketing during the first 12 months (15 months if taking over an existing centre). In addition, you will need to make provision for rent and other running costs bearing in mind cashflow. In the case of franchise re-sales, a fee is paid to the outgoing Instructor for taking over their business.

If successful following your one-day Orientation Meeting, you will be invited to meet with your local regional manager to discuss and put together your business plan and the vision for your study centre. Before opening you will be trained in the Kumon Method of Learning for our maths and English programmes over 11 days at one of our flagship study centres. After opening you will continue to take part in regular ongoing training alongside other Instructors to deepen your knowledge of the Kumon Method of Learning.

From initial enquiry, Instructors generally take between three to six months to get up and running. These timelines vary depending on location and whether it is a new or existing Kumon study centre.

This is dependent on your ability to grow your business and on how scalable your venue is. However, if you were running an established study centre with a student base of between 100-300 students, you could expect to earn from around £30,000pa to £100,000pa, after royalties and operating costs.

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