A-level results day

Yesterday was an important day in the calendar of many 18-year-olds (and their parents) up and down the country.

With the exception of students in Scotland, who found out about their higher exams last week, many were experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions as they awaited their A-level results, and worked out what that meant for them next. Social media was awash with well-wishing and congratulatory tweets and posts, as our next generation stepped out of the classroom.

This year some 201,000 UK 19 year-olds were accepted into university, that's up 2% despite fewer students finishing school this year.

In total, 98.1% of all entries received a pass grade of A* to E, the same percentage as in 2015; 25.8% received an A or A*, slightly down from 25.9% last year.

Many of the most competitive courses at university require an excellent standard in the core subjects of English and maths. With increasing competition for university places from across the world, Kumon gives students from a young age the confidence to excel in subjects that will keep their options open.

Maths and English provide a strong foundation for almost all careers, from architecture and design, to IT, engineering, medicine, accountancy, health and beauty, and much more. In this respect, a proficiency in these subjects can have a great impact on the study of other subjects during school. Many Kumon students go on to achieve high grades in their A-levels, and credit their Kumon journey as a factor of their success.

Whichever journey your school leaver chooses to embark on after today, whether it be a university course, an apprenticeship, getting stuck in to their first job, or exploring the world on their gap year, we would like to wish everyone good luck and congratulations on their A-level results!

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