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A world-class education for your child

Jan 2014
Today, over 4 million children around the world study the Kumon programmes

[Updated June 2020]

At Kumon, our world-class study programmes are equipping children with the academic ability and skills required to buck the national trend and succeed on an international level.

We aim for our maths and English students to reach an international approximation of their school level (the Kumon International Standard), within their first year of study. By supporting students to reach and surpass this international standard, they are developing the independent learning skills and ability in maths and English to successfully compete in an increasingly global community.

Each Kumon student begins their journey with an assessment, run by their Kumon Instructor. This assessment will provide the parent and student with information about the child's current academic ability and will provide the Instructor with the insight they require to set a study projection for the child to guide them towards their school level and beyond.

The Instructor will then guide the student along their individually set study path, with worksheets that are the right volume and level of complexity to develop their ability, each and every day. The student will work at their own pace, developing the independent learning and analytical thinking skills required to confidently tackle advanced work. By fostering these self-learning skills, the student will be able to apply them to any challenge, both in school and beyond, and this will set them up to compete with their international peers.

Students who surpass the Kumon International Standard gain a place on our Advanced Student Honour Roll. The Advanced Student Honour Roll is a way that Kumon recognises students who are working one, two and three years ahead of their grade level. We believe each child has the potential to complete the maths and English study programmes.

2018 marked 60 years of the Kumon Method of Learning, and 100 years since our founder, Toru Kumon, was born. Today, over 4 million children around the world study the Kumon programmes, meaning that every minute of every day there is a child befitting from Kumon study.

All children deserve a world-class education and a chance to build a successful future filled with unlimited possibilities. We look forward to discovering the potential of even more children across the UK.