Activities to stretch gifted and talented children

Mar 2012
There are things you can do to nurture music gift in addition to buying your child an instrument.

Many parents dream of having a child who has a gift or talent, be it on an academic, musical, artistic or sporting level.

But bringing up a gifted or talented child can be a challenge for some parents. If a child is ahead of their peers, it can be hard to accommodate their needs.

In some cases, it can be the more intelligent children who are among the most disruptive in the classroom, as they can easily become bored with the work they are presented with.

It can be just as hard at home if gifted and talented children aren't stretched. By not being challenged, they risk not reaching their full potential. So what activities will stretch gifted and talented children?

If your child has a gift for music, there are things you can do to nurture this gift in addition to simply buying them an instrument.

Encourage your child to play with older, more advanced musicians. This could be as part of a music group with older children, or as part of a youth orchestra.

By playing with musicians of a high level, your child will push themselves more, allowing them to make the most of their talent.

If your child has shown an advanced level of academia for their age, there are a number of activities you can employ to stretch their abilities - from supplementary enrichment programmes to activities designed to peak their interest.

There are all sorts of educational games available that will challenge your child in a different way to school work. Whether it's a board game, an online game, or a console, educational challenges will require your child to use their gift in a different way to normal academic work.

If your child has shown an aptitude for science, it is important to get them involved in activities that have a scientific base. This could be anything from visiting museums or planetariums, to buying them a science kit so they can try experiments at home.