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Kumon is the UK’s largest supplementary education provider, offering individualised maths and English programmes to help any child of any ability to progress and reach their potential. Our aim is for every child to become an independent, advanced learner with a positive attitude to study. The Kumon Method of Learning enables children to self-learn with Instructor guidance, helping students to take charge of their own learning journey and develop the confidence to strive for their goals and aspirations.

The Kumon Institute of Education was founded in 1958 in Japan, by Toru Kumon, both a parent and gifted maths teacher. He created what is now the Kumon Maths Programme for his son Takeshi, to help him improve his ability in maths. Our programmes now develop English skills, as well as maths, and are constantly evolving, learning from students and Instructors, to make them as effective as possible. Kumon still stands firm to Toru Kumon’s founding principle; to help as many children as possible excel academically and realise their potential. We can help give your child the tools for a lifelong love of learning.

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  • The Kumon Method of Learning builds key maths and English skills along with the ability to learn independently and gain confidence and enthusiasm by helping students study at just the right level, regardless of age. Students can fill in gaps in knowledge or work far beyond their school grade level depending on ability. To find out more about how Kumon works, click here.

  • Kumon parents support their children in their daily Kumon study, helping to instil good study habits and a love of learning. You’ll be key to encouraging them to complete their daily work, finding a suitable time and place for them to study, as well as bringing them to their local study centre and communicating with their Kumon Instructor on progress. Enrol your child now.


  • The Kumon Maths and English Programmes are complementary to work covered in school, building key skills and academic ability at the student's own pace. Whilst Kumon does not follow any particular school curriculum, it does help students to build strong foundations that can help them to excel in all subjects at school. Kumon's work with schools.

  • Kumon Instructors build their own business and run their own study centre as a Franchisee of Kumon. We are always looking for dynamic professionals passionate about education to join us in our goal of helping children reach their potential. Click here to find out more about becoming a Kumon Instructor.


  • Kumon is the UK's largest supplementary education* provider helping children build maths and English skills, as well as self-learning skills. We have more than 70,000 students learning at 650 study centres across the UK and Ireland. For all the facts you need about Kumon, click here.

  • Kumon has many passionate and inspiring Instructors and Associates that can talk about many aspects of education. If you would like to set up a media interview, please email press@kumon.co.uk.
*compared with Eye Level, who have 2 million enrolments globally, in 19 countries. Kumon has 4.3 million students globally, in 50 countries.

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Some words of inspiration from our founder Toru Kumon

"The Kumon Method is based on the conviction that it is not the child who is at fault. We have to discover each child’s potential and then provide the 'just-right' level of study. By doing this, not only parents and teachers, but also, more importantly, the children themselves will be surprised at their unexpected growth and develop confidence in their ability. This is what the Kumon Method is all about."

~ Toru Kumon ~

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Kumon offers much more than tutoring and differs from traditional teaching in the classroom. Rather than preparing children for a particular test or assessment, Kumon empowers students to learn for themselves, through individualised instruction and carefully developed worksheets.

As well as developing key skills in maths and English, each Kumon student will work towards building their independent learning skills and confidence in their own abilities. This means that a Kumon student will not be dependent on – or limited by – the skills and knowledge of others.

Both, and every child in between. This is because of our individualised approach to education, which always asks the question: "What is best for this individual child?" Following a diagnostic test, a study plan is set to develop the ability of the child and to progress them beyond the Kumon International Standard (an international approximation of their school level) regardless of their starting point. Kumon welcomes students with special educational needs, gifted and talented children, and all those who believe they can achieve more and fulfil their potential.

Students can start learning with Kumon from age two upwards. We currently have students as young as two years old studying with us, ranging all the way up to those about to go to university; Kumon helps children of any age and any ability. The sooner children begin, the earlier they can start developing skills to gain the greatest cumulative benefit; as soon as you feel your family is ready to make the commitment to long-term study, Kumon will be ready to help you achieve your goal.

Kumon is a self-learning programme but each student receives regular support from their Instructor. The carefully developed worksheets teach students how to find the answer for themselves, whilst their Instructor offers guidance when necessary. The key role of each Kumon Instructor is to observe their students working, making sure that work is set at the right level and that they are developing at the right pace.

The registration and monthly fee varies slightly from centre to centre. A one off registration fee is, on average, around £30. Monthly, single subject programme fees are, on average, around £60 a month. Click here to find the fees for your local study centre.


Many of our Instructors now accept child care vouchers and pupil premium payment. Please check with your local Instructor if they are able to offer this option.

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