Aylesbury student Adanna shares the benefits of studying both Kumon programmes

2 March, 2015

"I believe studying both subjects has helped me greatly."

“I believe studying both subjects has helped me greatly.”

15-year-old Adanna Ewuzie is studying the Kumon Maths Programme at the Aylesbury North Study Centre, having recently completed the Kumon English Programme. Adanna spoke to us about why she started studying with Kumon and what lifelong skills she believes she has gained.

Adanna says: “I have been doing the Kumon Maths Programme since I was five but started the English programme in Year 4; I believe studying both subjects has helped me greatly. With English in particular I have developed skills throughout the programmes, the lower levels have allowed me to read a variety of books and learn difference language techniques. From the first level onwards, I became a critic and a better analyser, enjoying the books as I continued.

“With regards to maths, I have gained so much knowledge, even up to A-level as I am currently on level K (learning the basic properties of functions). I have become quicker throughout the levels. I am seriously considering A-level maths and further maths because of what I have learnt! Kumon has also helped me to work things out for myself, asking for help occasionally, but predominantly myself. I am proud of my achievements and commitment within both programmes and happy to be an English Completer!”

Adanna’s mother Ebele said: “I wanted Adanna to be confident with her knowledge of English and maths; we believe it is extremely important in this day and age and this is why our four children are all currently doing Kumon. Kumon has helped Adanna as she is organised, focussed and always wanting to excel in whatever she is doing. She achieved high scores in school and writes incredibly well.

“Susan [Jones, Instructor at the Aylesbury North Study Centre] is an amazing Instructor. Adanna and our other three kids adore her. She is firm, fun and very intelligent too. She made my kids feel at ease and she always listens to concerns about school. I can tell you that she continued to bring out the best in our children.

“Adanna started Kumon in Year 1 which provided structure and a timely routine. It has helped her work hard at everything she wants, knowing that the reward to hard work is fantastic. Kumon will help Adanna in the future as learning how to be diligent, hardworking and to enjoy learning, which will always be part of her life. I believe the incredible attitude to learning and life she has, will help her as she becomes a young woman.”