Back to school

Sep 2016
Here are some useful tips for getting your child back into the swing of things.
Here are some useful tips for getting your child back into the swing of things.

This week marks the return to school for many. After the long summer holiday break, getting back into the routine of early mornings, winter uniforms, and sitting behind a desk all day may have cast a grey cloud on some people's mornings.

To help ease the transition back to school, here are some useful tips for getting your child back into the swing of things.

Remind them of the positives

Heading back to school also means catching up with friends they haven't seen over the summer; sharing their holiday stories and talking about what's happened since they last met.

There's also an opportunity to meet new people, as their classes and lessons change.

Ask them about their first day at school

Whether they are starting at a new school or simply returning to begin the next year, the process will be a big deal for many. Making sure the lines of communication are open before and after that first day will show them you are offering support should they want to raise any concerns or excitements. You could also catch up again at the end of their first week at school, by which time they might know a little more about the school's calendar for the year.

Encouraging your child to engage in conversation about their return to school can be a positive experience for them, as you can get them to speak about the good things that have happened. You can also discuss any worries and concerns they have and address these together, to come up with suggested solutions for them.

Schedule in some designated fun time after school

Coming home from school and starting homework can feel like an extra challenge during the first week after the holidays. Encouraging your child to schedule their homework will ensure they have time for some fun later. Making sure they set aside some time for relaxation, reading, or hanging out with friends can make the transition that bit easier, and motivate them to get that homework done.

Getting back into the school routine after the holidays can feel like a chore. There may be some grumbles of "I don't want to go to school!" and "I'm not doing my homework!", but with your help and guidance that early morning wakeup call might feel that little bit easier for your child!