Celebrating Kumon programme completion in West Kirby

12 December, 2012

Celebrating Kumon programme completion in West Kirby

Putting the last few English programme worksheets into the Kumon bag for completion at home

Kumon students ultimately aim to study above the international standard and complete the Kumon programmes. Three students at the West Kirby Study Centre have recently achieved this goal, completing the Kumon English Programme this year.

Completing the programmes requires perseverance, dedication and a great deal of hard-work, and the students are now glowing with pride as they reflect on their journeys and make plans for the future.

14-year-old Aditya Adiga began studying the English programme in 2007, learning how to build simple sentences. This year, Aditya completed his final English worksheet, having critiqued high-level texts such as Shakespeare plays and Coleridge poetry. Aditya is also studying the Kumon Maths Programme.

Aditya says: “The main reason I enjoy studying Kumon’s maths and English programmes is because it is a challenge, whilst also being interesting and exciting. They require me to think differently and to utilise new concepts introduced to me. While studying Kumon has helped me in improving my maths and English, it has also helped me to pass – with full marks – the admissions test for the local grammar school as it greatly improved my concentration and time management.”

12-year-old Anita Adiga also completed the English programme after five years of study. Anita explains: “Kumon work has really helped me at school as I find it much easier to work out problems because I can relate to the topics I have covered in Kumon. At first I just enjoyed my Kumon, but later on it came to show how it was helping me at school. As well as improving my ability to concentrate, Kumon has allowed me to pick up things easier and thus improve my grades.”

Jonathan Tam completed the English programme at the age of sixteen. Jonathan says: “Studying the English programme has aided me in writing and reading, which is perfect preparation for my coming GCSEs.”

Congratulations to these three dedicated students, and to the 229 Kumon Completers of 2012!