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Everything you need to know about GCSE results day 2023

Aug 2023

GCSE results day 2023 will be on Thursday 24 August.

GCSE results day is a big day, where you’ll finally get the results that you’ve been working toward for the last two years.

While many schools offer the option to view your results online or have them posted to you, we recommend going into your school to collect results in person – this can be a great chance to see friends again and support each other in your big moment.

What do you need to take with you on GCSE results day?

You’ll need to make sure you have your phone with you and ensure that it’s fully charged. You’ll be needing it to share the good news once you open your results, and to post about your achievements on social media!

Although it is likely that your results will be given to you by a teacher who already knows you, having some kind of identification with you just in case, may still be useful.

It could also be handy to have a pen and some paper with you as well. If you have any questions or receive any advice from your teachers, being able to write it down means you’ll be able to read it again later and you won’t miss out on anything important.

The weather has changed a lot this year, so make sure you bring a jumper or a jacket if it’s cold, and a bottle of water if it is a hot day. Some people are hoping for warm weather almost as much as they want good results!

What are the most important GCSE grades?

The most important results will be for maths and English, where you will want at least a grade 4 or 5 in both of them. In the old grading system, this would be a grade C, and almost all employers will want you to have these grades at a minimum.

What if I can’t go to collect my GCSE results?

If you can’t go to collect your grades in person, don’t worry. Lots of people go on holiday over this time or have other commitments.

Many schools will also offer online collection or will be able to post your results to you. It’s worth asking your school if you could arrange for someone else to come and collect your results for you - they will need a signed letter from you to say that you are okay with them doing this.

If you’re happy with your GCSE results

Congratulations, you should be proud because you worked hard to get these results! Take some time to celebrate with your friends and family before you consider your next steps.

There are lots of options for what to do next, so you’ll want to research them and choose the best path for the career that you are interested in.

Have a think about the job that you would like to do when you’re older and do some research on it – there’s lots of information available online about how to get into different careers and you’ll be able to read messages from people who do that job already.

You can also speak with the careers advisor at your school – they’ll be able to give you specific and detailed advice on how best to pursue the career you want. If you aren’t sure what career you want, they will also be able to make some suggestions for you, perhaps suggesting something that you hadn’t thought of!

Next steps: A-levels, BTECs, apprenticeships and T-levels

You have lots of different options for what to do after your GCSEs. You can stay in education and study for A-levels or a BTEC or get on-the-job training with an apprenticeship or a T-level.

Each option has many advantages, such as offering practical experience or deeper study. Which will be best for you depends on the path you want to take, so be sure to examine all your options.

What to do if you didn’t get the GCSE results you need

It’s important to remember that it isn’t the end of the world if you didn’t get the results you wanted. There will often be another path to the career that you want, or maybe you’ll find something else that suits you even better. Your teachers and careers advisor will be able to give you suggestions and guidance about your way forward.

How do I appeal a GCSE result?

If one of your results seems off, you can request that the exam board reviews the marking of your exam to see if any mistakes have been made.

You will need to speak to your teacher for this subject or your head of year to request this. It is best to do this as soon as possible, on results day if you can.

If you are a private candidate and are wanting to appeal a GCSE result, you can either speak to the exam board directly or go through the school or college that submitted your exam entry.

How can I resit my GCSEs?

Resits for maths and English GCSEs are held in November if you didn’t achieve a grade 4 or 5. Resits for other subjects will be held next summer. You may be able to take a functional skills qualification instead.

Some schools and colleges will allow you to study with them while you wait to take a resit, but you'll need to confirm this with them directly.

Thinking about your results

Your friends, family and teachers will all be proud of you for doing your best. Even if you haven’t done quite as well as you wanted, it’s still a great achievement so take a break and enjoy the rest of your summer before you begin your next chapter.