Five activities to boost your child's confidence

Dec 2011
Five activities to boost your child's confidence
Cooking proves that practise and effort lead to improved results

As children grow older they realise that life has aspects they don't like. Building your child's self-confidence will help them to face life's challenges and thrive.

Self-confidence is something that human beings gain as they go through life. However, parents and family environment are essential to build and empower a child's confidence.

Here are five good activities that will help boost your child's confidence.

Playing sports
Playing sports not only helps children to exercise and be healthier, but by playing sports children also learn to deal with frustration and to realise that it is not possible to win all the time. As in life, sometimes they will be ahead and sometimes they will be behind, and sport helps them realise that this is normal. Playing sports – particularly team sports – means that children have to mix and work together, something that can improve their empathy, group and social skills.

Additionally, by valuing the effort sport requires in order to be successful, children can become more confident and persistent in following their goals.

Acting requires a great amount of self-confidence. Being on stage with people looking at you is not an easy thing to do; it requires determination and self-assurance.

However, within the environment of an acting class, embarrassment disappears once children see that the rest of the class is having as awkward a time as they are. Introducing a child to acting at a young age can have a dramatic effect on their self-confidence. A drama or theatre club can help children become more confident to perform at their best and not to worry too much about what people think of them.

Nobody was born knowing how to cook. In fact, cooking is one of the best skills which proves that practise and effort lead to improved results.

Encourage your children to cook and cook with them. Aside from having quality family time, they will learn about food and, once their dish is ready; they will be able to see that all the effort has been worth it. Overcoming challenges is the foundation to increasing confidence and cooking can help children challenge themselves.

Playing an instrument
Although playing an instrument can be seen as a great challenge, the good thing about this activity is that it is very rewarding.

Relatively quickly children can learn to play a simple song, which will make them feel proud and confident, and could encourage them to keep learning and improving.

Playing for other people can be an additional challenge that will make children grow in confidence.

The best thing about travelling is that children learn how big the world is and how different people are. Travelling to a foreign country and being able to explore and experience different cultures, even at a young age, will increase a child's self-esteem considerably and will open their mind to a whole new reality.