Four siblings excel at the Kumon Stratford Study Centre

12 May, 2015

"Kumon has helped me as I can now add really big numbers very quickly."

“Kumon has helped me as I can now add really big numbers very quickly.”

Four siblings are proving that success runs in the family as they each excel on the Kumon Maths Programme.

Zakaria, Saeed, Zaynab and Salman Abdi all attend the Kumon Stratford Study Centre, where they have been studying the Kumon Maths Programme since January 2014. The family spoke to us about why they joined Kumon, and each sibling told us what they enjoy about the programme and how it has helped them.

Jama Abdi, father of the four siblings, said: “I enrolled my children at Kumon as I noticed they were struggling completing simple maths problems and my sister recommended Kumon to me.”

“I think Kumon has helped my children by developing their basic maths skills. My children have become more confident in their abilities. Kumon also encouraged independent learning so my children are confident enough to find solutions for maths problems they encounter.”

“The Instructor at the centre has supported us very well. Sanna praises and encourages the children to complete their work. She really inspires the children and facilitates a good learning environment.”

“Through Kumon, all four of my children have developed a liking for maths and enjoy working on maths problems.

“I plan for all my children to complete the Kumon Maths Programme. I have no doubt that completing the programme will help them to pass all their future exams with good grades.”

Twelve-year-old Zakaria said: “Kumon has given me a massive head-start to secondary school. It has helped me mainly with algebra but also with fractions. Now I can think of ways to do hard equations, this will help me when I’m a mathematician. It gives me confidence to know there are millions of people studying the same worksheets as me around the world and I feel like I’m part of a family.”

Ten-year-old Saeed said: “I enjoy doing maths every day. Kumon helps me to work problems out for myself and because I can do fractions I find my school work easy. I have received Kumon awards and this has encouraged me to try harder.”

“Kumon helps me to learn multiplication and division."

“Kumon helps me to learn multiplication and division.”

Eight-year-old Zaynab said: “Kumon helps me to learn multiplication and division. The most difficult aspect of Kumon for me has been trying different ways to figure out the answer. I have received many Kumon awards; this gives me a good feeling and I feel that I am being rewarded for my hard work.”

Seven-year-old Salman said: “Kumon has helped me as I can now add really big numbers very quickly. Because I learned maths at Kumon, I am the best in my class for maths at school.”

Congratulations to Zakaria, Zaynab, Saeed and Salman for their achievements. We hope their successes on the Kumon Maths Programme inspire others to achieve similar fantastic results!