Free activities to keep children entertained over Easter

Mar 2012
The seaside can be a great day out for both you and your children.

With the Easter holidays underway for many schools, parents will be looking for fun activities and day trips that won't cost the world. Children obviously love the extended time off, but for parents it can be a bit of a challenge to keep them entertained and engaged for two weeks or more.

Things like day care and summer school-style activities are a vital lifeline for busy parents, but many also like to take some time off work to enjoy time with the children.

There are plenty of options available for parents to make the most of the school holidays. So what day trips can you organise that won't cost you a penny?

A day in the park
With temperatures starting to rise and the sun starting to come out more often, the Easter holidays are the perfect time to get summer started early.

There's no better way to enjoy the great British weather than with a day in the park. Bring a picnic, plenty of activities/sports equipment and make the most of being outdoors.

A day outdoors is far better for your children than being cooped up at home watching TV. You can even invite their friends to make it a really special day.

Visit a museum
The majority of museums in the UK are still free, so take advantage of the opportunity to continue your child's development while they're away from school.

Most museums cater for children, doing as much as possible to make learning fun and interesting for them through dedicated children's areas and interactive learning.

Visit the seaside
The sea might still be close to freezing, but the seaside can be a great day out for both you and your children.

There is nothing quite like a British seaside town, with the piers and promenades providing hours of entertainment for the whole family.

A woodland performance
Many children love exploring mysterious places, such as woodlands, where their imagination can run wild. Why not ask your children to plan a play set in the woods?

An initial trip to the woods to help them imagine the setting will help with writing scripts. Once they have put their creative writing skills to good use you could then return for the grand performance.

Classic garden games
If the weather is kind to you over the holiday period, don't forget the classic garden games that you used to love as a child.

Simple bat and ball games are free (other than the purchase of the equipment that you can use for years to come), give children a reason to enjoy the fresh air, provide exercise and enable children to work as a team.