From dedicated parent to Kumon Instructor

9 June, 2014

From dedicated parent to Kumon Instructor

“If I could sum up Kumon in only a few words, it would be ‘realising students’ potential’.”

Cath Muscroft has been a Kumon Instructor for six years, with the last two at the Worsley Study Centre. Having known about the Kumon Maths and English Programmes from being a Kumon parent, she was encouraged to take on the role of an Instructor after seeing the effect the programmes had on her son, and wanted others to experience the same success.

Cath, whose time in the role has given her a wealth of knowledge and skills, shared her experiences as an Instructor with us and tells us that even though she has run her centre for a long time, she never stops striving to achieve more.

Cath said: “Before I became an Instructor I was a Manager for HSBC Bank, but I had already been a Kumon parent for a number of years and had seen first-hand what a difference Kumon study had made to my son. One day, he came home from class with a note to say there was an opportunity to run a local centre and that Kumon parents make great Instructors as they already have a working knowledge of the product. It said if anyone was interested they could attend an information session. So, I signed up for the session and the rest is history!

“I had previously managed a sales team and I know the easiest products to sell are those that you believe in and are passionate about, and as a Kumon parent I already believed and knew first-hand how good the Kumon programmes are.

“If I could sum up Kumon in only a few words, it would be ‘realising students’ potential.’ Kumon gives me immense job satisfaction; it’s not a nine-to-five job as I often work in the evenings, but when you see your students achieving things they never thought possible and succeeding in and out of the classroom, to know you had a hand in their development is the best feeling in the world.

“The Kumon Method of Learning is unique in its fundamental belief that all children can self-learn advanced work for their age without the need to be taught. This seemed impossible to me at first and I would wonder how I was going to get someone to study advanced work without teaching them? But the more I apply this method the more I see students advancing years ahead of their actual school year and now I am passionate about self-learning; this is what makes Kumon different.”

“My favourite thing about being an Instructor is my students; the joy of seeing them advance beyond their school year, then become a year, then two/three years advanced, is the most satisfying and rewarding thing I have ever done.”

“I would recommend being an Instructor to anyone who has a passion for developing children, fundamentally I think passion is the most important ingredient for success; everything else is day-to-day organisation which comes with practice and experience.”

What fantastic words from Cath, and how interesting to get an insight into what motivated her to become an Instructor. We look forward to seeing the Worsley Study Centre develop even further!