"I love doing a role where I always have something new to learn"

Feb 2015
Ann Price from the Kumon Harpenden Study Centre was working as a Project Manager with NatWest Bank before she was inspired to become a Kumon Instructor after seeing the effect Kumon was having on her daughter.

15 years later, and Ann is an experienced Kumon Instructor with a wealth of knowledge. She told us her favourite things about the role and the opportunities she has had to learn from a global company.

Ann says: "I started my daughter at my local Kumon centre when she was five years old, in 1996. I was really impressed with Kumon and her progress, so decided to train as an Instructor. Having been a Kumon parent as well as Instructor means I understand how committed you need to be and also how much time Kumon can take at home and what problems parents may encounter. It helps me to empathise with parents, and to help and advise them better.

"The benefits children experience through Kumon are more than just getting better at maths and English. Children become more confident and better able to manage their time, learn independently and tackle challenges. My daughters are now in their early 20's but while they studied Kumon it helped them in all these ways.

"I love to see children make big improvements in confidence and skills. I love doing a role where I always have something new to learn. So, I find most of my work very rewarding because everything I do is aimed at improving my students' experience of Kumon and their progress and skills. I am always looking to improve the progress my students make and to make sure their experience of coming to Kumon is always very positive.

"During my time as an Instructor, I have been so fortunate to benefit from opportunities to travel to Japan and Europe with Kumon. I have learned so much from some of the best Kumon Instructors in the world. I have implemented many things in my centre but I think the main benefit for me has been to understand what an amazing force for good Kumon is in the world."