“Kumon has helped me to reach my capabilities and achieve the best that I possibly can”

Islington student Maya

“The Kumon Programmes have inspired which A-levels I would like to take in the future”

At a recent awards ceremony, Kumon Islington student Maya gave a presentation to her peers and special guests, Her Worship the Mayor of Islington, Kat Fletcher and the Mayor’s Consort, Rev. Melanie Toogood, about her journey through the Kumon Maths and English Programmes, and delight at receiving her award for completing the English programme.

We wanted to share her inspiring words with you: “My name is Maya, I am in Year 10 studying at the Grey Coat Hospital School and I have recently completed the Kumon English Programme. I started Kumon in 2007 when I was five years old, following my two sisters. I began with the maths programme and decided to do the English programme at around the age of ten. Throughout this course I have covered topics such as summarisation, text organisation, and critical writing.

“The Kumon Programmes have inspired which A-levels I would like to take in the future, which are English literature, maths, physical education and biology. In terms of university, I would like to study biology as in the future I would like to become a physical education teacher.

“Not only has Kumon helped me to increase my independence but it has also helped me to be more confident, which is why I’m able to stand and talk to you today. This is why I hope you guys don’t give up because if I had given up then I wouldn’t be where I am today. The English programme has also increased my love for novels and learning. Kumon has helped me to reach my capabilities and achieve the best that I possibly can.

“I would like to thank all of the assistants at the centre for their endless help and encouragement, as well as my Instructor, Carol, for providing me with this opportunity. But most of all I would like to thank my mother for her support and love.

“To end with I would like to encourage any parent or guardian who is enquiring about Kumon to provide their child with this opportunity as it has been a huge part in moulding me into who I am today.”

We spoke to Maya’s mum to get her thoughts on Maya’s studies, she said: “I enrolled Maya as her two older siblings were on the programmes and were doing well. I’m proud of her achievement and have been extremely satisfied with the Kumon. I have been singing its praise for the past 18 years!”

Instructor Carol said: “Maya has made a fantastic achievement in completing the English programme. She is not only amongst an elite group of students who have completed the whole of the Kumon programme, but she has completed it by self-study. Through Maya’s hard work and dedication, she has demonstrated a very high level of technical accuracy in reading and writing. This has given her an excellent grounding in all aspects of English, which provides a head-start on the rest of her studies.”

Well done Maya. We are sure your hard work and dedication will stand you in good stead to achieving your aspirations for the future.