“Kumon really pushed me to be the best I could be”

21 April, 2015

“The benefits of Kumon begin to shine through almost immediately."

“The benefits of Kumon begin to shine through almost immediately.”

Completer of the Kumon Maths Programme, William Murphy, gave an inspiring speech at a recent awards ceremony held at the Kumon Thames Ditton Study Centre where he studied.

The ceremony was held to recognise and reward students for their successes and continued development on the Kumon Maths and English Programmes. It was also a chance to thank parents for their ongoing commitment to their child’s Kumon studies.

William joined the centre in August 2005 and completed the maths programme nine years later when he was 18. He took the time to address the audience of students and their proud parents about his own Kumon journey, which saw him master differential and integral calculus and differential equations.

Williams said: “The benefits of Kumon begin to shine through almost immediately. The early stages of the course allowed me to become confident and able in mental arithmetic, which school teachers and classmates soon picked up on. Learning topics at Kumon beyond what was being taught in school made classroom lessons more relaxed and gave me the chance to showcase what I knew, not to mention undoubtedly contributed to me receiving the school maths award in Year 6.

“Kumon also taught me the ability to learn independently; a skill I found useful not just for maths but other subjects also. The drive to complete worksheets on a daily basis was not always easy and support from parents and my Instructor was therefore invaluable (if perhaps not fully appreciated at times!)”

Another student at the centre, Hidehiro Kita, completed the maths programme at age 14, after studying at the centre for nine years. He shared his thoughts with the Instructor at the Thames Ditton Study Centre, Kiran Rao:

“I thought Kumon was an incredible experience."

“I thought Kumon was an incredible experience.”

“I feel it really helped with my education and maybe even my career in the future. At the same time Kumon was a massive challenge, but I like challenges.

“Kumon really pushed me to be the best I could be at what I was doing. I now have the confidence of achieving high level maths and will most probably experience great opportunities in the future thanks to Kumon.”

What fantastic words from such accomplished students! We are sure students at the ceremony left feeling inspired and encouraged towards completing the programmes themselves.