Kumon Sandhurst celebrates student successes at a recent awards ceremony

2 December, 2016

Kumon Sandhurst celebrates the many successes of its students at awards ceremony

Over 110 people attended the event, recognising the hard work of students.

Last Tuesday, 22 November, the Kumon Sandhurst Study Centre was a hub of excitement, as the centre held its bi-annual student awards ceremony.

The event was held to highlight and celebrate the many amazing achievements of students over the past six months.

Over 110 people attended St Swithuns Catholic Church, where students received award certificates in front of an audience packed full of their families, friends and peers.

Students were recognised for all the hard work and the commitment they have shown to their Kumon study.

Many students were presented with awards for reaching and, in some cases, surpassing the Kumon International Standard, meaning they are studying work beyond their current school level; and others were recognised for overcoming individual challenges.

Ann House has been the Instructor at the centre for 14 years, having opened it back in 2002. Long established in the community, Ann and her team have since nurtured hundreds of students on the Kumon programmes.

Ann was extremely pleased with how the evening went, she said: “There was a real buzz throughout the entire evening. Everyone had smiles on their faces and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

“Of course parents are there to see their children collect their awards, but everyone was encouraging, giving our shyer students that extra boost they needed to come up to the front.

“It was a wonderful evening where our students, parents, and centre staff came together as a community to celebrate each students’ success, big or small.

“Particularly for the new students, watching the other students collect their awards was great motivation and encouragement for them to aim for in their own Kumon journeys.”

Kumon Sandhurst celebrates the many successes of its students at awards ceremony

Students were recognised for their hard work and commitment to their Kumon study.

The theme of the evening was skills development, as the Kumon Method doesn’t just help students develop in their academic ability, it also aims to set students up with the skills and positive attitude for a bright and successful future.

Padraic Geraghty, London West Area Manager, attended the event and gave an inspiring speech about the skills you develop on the road to success – those of perseverance, determination, and the ability to learn from mistakes.

Padraic said: “As I prepared for today’s speech I came across a quote by Michael Jordon, one of the greatest basketball players to ever live:

“‘I have missed over 9,000 shots in my career, I have lost over 300 games, 26 times I have been trusted with the game winning shot and missed. I have failed over and over again. Yet it is only because of these failures that I succeed.’

“This is a really powerful quote and certainly relevant to Kumon and life in general. I’m sure you have seen challenges in your Kumon work, like making many mistakes, having to learn a new concept or method, having to do your work every single day and of course having to repeat the same worksheets a number of times. However, by overcoming these challenges you have learned a valuable life skill.

“That’s the great thing for me about Kumon, not only does it develop us academically but it develops so many more life skills. Skills like; perseverance, stamina, an ability to work to a daily routine, working independently and of course the skill of being able to overcome challenges.”

After the awards presentation it was parents vs. students in Kumon Bingo, a mathematical version of the classic game, where students (and parents) demonstrated their mental arithmetic skills and speed to win a prize.

It certainly sounds like a great evening, full of fun and celebration.

Congratulations again to all of the students who received an award at the ceremony, you should be extremely proud of yourselves. A big well done!