Kumon students celebrate GCSE success

"I think that Kumon helped me to achieve the GCSE results I wanted."

“I think that Kumon helped me to achieve the GCSE results I wanted.”

Today was an important day in the lives of 16-year-olds across the country as they anxiously collected their GCSE results, with hopes of achieving high grades and taking their next steps into education or employment.

For one student the wait, whilst still nerve-wracking, was somewhat calmer thanks to the support of Kumon.

16-year-old Cameron Stiles studied both the Kumon Maths and English Programmes and was delighted with his GCSE results today, achieving grades A*-C across 12 subjects including an A in maths and B in English.

Cameron said: “Kumon first helped me get into the Grammar school I wanted to go to, as it really helped me with the 11+ exams. I think that Kumon helped me to achieve the GCSE results I wanted as, through my Kumon studies, I have developed good study habits which meant I was able to focus on my revision.”

He will now go on and study maths, physics and design technology at A-level, with the hopes of going on to study architecture or structural engineering at university.

Older sister Charlotte, who is now 18 years old, initially started her Kumon journey whilst in Year 7. As a student who typically achieved grade Cs in her schoolwork, she had dreams of training to become a vet, however knew she would need higher grades to achieve this. Through her Kumon study routine, and focus on maths and English, she achieved excellent grades at GCSE level, including an A in both maths and English, and is currently fulfilling her lifelong dream at the Royal Veterinary School in London.

Their mother, Vivienne, has played a dual role in their progress as she is also the Instructor of the Kumon Acocks Green Study Centre. She said:

“I am very proud of Cameron and Charlotte both as their mother, and also as their Kumon Instructor. They are a testament to the fact that Kumon helps secondary school students to improve their skills and achieve better results. Of the four GCSE maths students I have worked with so far, three of them have achieved A grades at GCSE and the fourth student improved his grades from virtually unclassified to achieving a grade C within one year.

“Kumon has shown them that you get out the effort that you put in; the importance of being organised and prepared to do the work; of not being afraid to aim high and to stumble on the way to success; that if you do not achieve a particular result to go back and reassess as to why and try again; and more. All of these skills have been learned and developed whilst on their journey through the Kumon Maths and English Programmes, but are appropriate and essential for all subjects at all levels. I firmly believe that Kumon is invaluable for all students and that all of the students who attend Kumon have the opportunity to develop the aforementioned skills plus a lot more.”

Proficiency in maths and English provides a strong foundation for other subjects, as well as the opportunity to choose a career path of their choice. Many Kumon students have gone on to achieve fantastic grades in their school and university exams, and are able to pursue their dream careers, as Charlotte did, and would credit their Kumon study as a factor in their success.

The aim of the Kumon Method of Learning is for each and every student to become an independent, advanced learner with a positive attitude towards their studies. The Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes help students to develop independent learning skills and grow in self-confidence, as they develop the ability to overcome challenges.