Kumon students share their favourite books with us

To celebrate the joys of reading, we bring you: Scarlett, Georgia, Salsabil, Shreshta and Aaron. Each of these students is studying the Kumon English Programme and in this film they share with us details of their favourite books.

Salsabil tells us how her favourite book made her feel when reading it. She says "it made me feel like I was in the story; it makes me imagine more, and it feels like I am there."

Whilst Aaron explains: "I was confused, happy and sad throughout the book... happy that I am reading it, sad at what's happening." Despite a roller-coaster of emotions, Aaron gives the book a solid one million out of ten!

Our aim is for children to develop a love of reading from a young age, so they can enjoy the wealth of benefits that come from reading and understanding texts throughout their lives.

We think you will agree, these English students are already discovering the pleasures of reading a book!

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