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Lockdown: Your catalyst for a career change?

Apr 2021

Living in a time of Covid-19 has prompted new conversations and new perspectives on what’s actually important to us. For many, this time of reflection has led to a reconsideration of career choices. Perhaps the thought of returning to the corporate ‘rat race’ is less than appealing, or maybe the dream of starting a business now feels more achievable. As we gradually emerge from lockdown, many of us are taking the opportunity to explore the idea of a refreshing new start.

Are you considering a new career in education, but feel that traditional classroom teaching isn’t quite right for you? Whilst undoubtedly a rewarding job, we’ve all – at some point or other - come across teachers who feel frustrated by the constraints of negotiating a ‘one size fits all’ classroom approach, and the often long, inflexible working hours. For many professionals seeking a new career within education, Kumon offers the ideal solution: the opportunity to make a real difference to children’s lives through individualised, tailored support; all whilst enjoying the flexibility of being their own boss and organising their working life to fit around family commitments.

Kumon is a global brand with a well-established business model, offering after-school maths and English programmes to over 50,000 children throughout the UK, in more than 600 local study centres. Anouska Leckie, who was seeking a career change following 17 years working in a primary school, became the proud business owner and Instructor of the Kumon Cardiff Grangetown Study Centre in 2019. She told us,

“I wanted to find something where I could transfer my skills. I was really attracted to the idea of having my own centre where I could provide an individualised programme for children; see them grow and really get to know the children as well. I would really highly recommend Kumon, and I would say to anybody – come and have a look for yourself! See the students working, see how much they’re progressing, their enjoyment, confidence, and motivation. It’s something I really am passionate about.”

Previous teaching experience, whilst advantageous, is not a requirement for becoming a Kumon Instructor. The role is open to ambitious, child-focussed professionals from all backgrounds seeking a new challenge and the opportunity to be their own boss.

But is it risky to open a business during these somewhat uncertain economic times? Whilst many things may be a little unknown at the moment, one thing’s for sure – the pandemic has taken a devastating toll on children’s education, with research showing that the learning loss suffered by pupils is significant and widespread. The requirement for catch-up has never been higher and the supplementary education market, therefore, is looking increasingly strong.

Caroline Sam, a former Chartered Accountant, opened the Kumon Leigh-On-Sea Study Centre during the pandemic in July 2020. Like many new Kumon Instructors, she had no prior marketing or teaching experience. But with the support of her Head Office regional team, Kumon’s pre-launch marketing package, comprehensive training in the Kumon programmes, and her drive to succeed, Caroline’s new business flourished throughout the lockdowns and her centre numbers continue to grow every month. She told us,

“Once my children were both full-time at school, I was keen to start up a business of my own which would be flexible and rewarding. My Kumon centre has been growing so well through word-of-mouth; I pride my business on being very friendly and approachable. I care a lot about every student and always ensure they are happy, and that parents understand their child’s learning path. I just love seeing the smiles on my students’ faces when they complete their work and are proud of what they’ve achieved.”

Financially, running a thriving Kumon centre can be very rewarding. The initial investment fee required for opening a new centre (£3,000) is also one of the lowest of all UK franchises, meaning that new Instructors can get up and running without the worry of a significant outlay upfront.    

As we all know, times of adversity often bring moments of opportunity. As we emerge from a difficult year into what we all hope will be some brighter times ahead, perhaps now is the time to take a step into a refreshing new career; one that puts you in the driving seat of your work-life balance, and helps you positively influence the future prospects of children in your community.

If you’re interested in finding out more about starting your own business as a Kumon Instructor, you can check your suitability and submit an enquiry form here.

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