More pupils 'getting extra tutoring'

More secondary school children are receiving extra tutoring now than five years ago, a survey has found.

A poll of nearly 3,000 11 to 16-year-olds found nearly a quarter (23%) are receiving extra extra help with maths and English among other key subjects.

This is in comparison to just 18% in 2005, with the results showing that parents are more willing than ever to pay for private tuition for their children despite the tough economic climate.

One in eight of the pupils surveyed by the Sutton Trust said they were receiving extra tutoring due to their interest in a particular subject, while 4% said they are getting help in a subject not offered by their school.

The poll found private tutoring is most prevalent in London, with 38% enjoying after school lessons.

Meanwhile, extra tutoring was least common in Wales, with just 9% receiving the benefits of after school tuition.

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