Nine-year-old Adam flies through the maths programme

““I really enjoy just learning maths because my favourite lesson has always been maths.”

Nine-year-old Adam Blagbrough enrolled on the maths programme at the Kumon Southport Study Centre in January, because his parents wanted to push him to reach his full potential. In just a few months, Adam’s skills have sky-rocketed.

Adam said: “Doing Kumon has helped my maths go way above my year which helped me get the class form prize. I am also ahead of the Kumon international standard by three years which is quite good by my standards!

“I really enjoy just learning maths because my favourite lesson has always been maths.

“Kumon has helped my maths work at school because now I am fast as well as accurate with my work. My Instructor has helped me overcome four and a half levels in about half a year.

“When I am older I want to be an architect and the maths will definitely help.”

Adam started studying multiplication and division and is now mastering fractions as he looks towards algebra.

Adam’s mum Yun, explained: “I studied maths to university level in China and I could see the similarity in the Kumon programme. The programme is designed logically and systematically and I had received recommendations from friends whose children have been studying at the Kumon Southport Study Centre for years.

“I felt reassured when I first got in touch with Instructor Debbie, who patiently and clearly explained the programme. I am very pleased with the thoughtful feedback we received after the initial diagnostic test and the tailor-made programme.

“It consolidates my child’s basic mathematic ability and knowledge and motivates him to full reach his potential and ability level. It has taught him useful methods and strategies and even exam skills that are essential in long-term learning of the subject.

“It collaborates yet goes beyond the national curriculum in a much more systematic and logical way.

“The Instructor always monitors progress and gives feedback, she goes through my child’s mistakes and thinking process in order to offer individual support. She gives us confidence, advice and support.

“Adam is more confident and interested in maths now. He has developed his mental maths and the ability to self-study, follow examples and work out the principals.

“Kumon will definitely motivate and encourage Adam to be more confident in this subject and perhaps related areas. It will also teach him to use logical thinking and problem-solving skills in life.”

It’s great to hear from such an enthusiastic student. Keep up the good work Adam!