Plans for parents to rate schools

From the start of the next school year, parents will be able to access a website from Ofsted and rate the quality of their child's school.

The results of such feedback could lead to extra inspections at schools where specific concerns have been raised, chief inspector Christine Gilbert has said.

But the teaching union NASUWT is concerned that introducing the rating system would "trivialise public accountability and the work of schools".

Ms Gilbert said: "From September we will be introducing a website where parents can tell us what they think about their school."

"If they're telling us things that really worry us, even if our assessments are fine, we will go in and inspect."

The proposed website is part of a set of plans aimed at restructuring school inspections in England, with a greater focus to be placed on institutions that are struggling.

While a consultation document on the proposals is due to be launched, changes to the school inspection structure have already been announced in an effort to speed up improvements to the system.

One measure that is already implemented is ending routine inspections for schools that have been ranked 'outstanding', with inspections only resuming if a serious issue is raised.

If the website plans are approved, parents who want to access the survey will be able to do so via Ofsted's main webpage. There, they can fill in a set of 10 questions that cover teaching quality, achievement, behaviour and school leadership, Ms Gilbert added.

An option will be given to answer the survey anonymously.

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