Supportive background is vital to a child's success at school

Mar 2012
Support and encouragement at home is vital for helping children to reach their potential at school.

Having a supportive family background from a young age can help children achieve more at school, experts have claimed.

Many parents will help their child with things like homework or preparing for a test, but a children's learning organisation has said that parents' support and encouragement needs to go further.

The National Association for Primary Education has said that support and encouragement at home is vital for helping children to reach their potential at school.

John Coe is the Secretary of the National Association for Primary Education (NAPE) – one of the country's leading organisations for children's learning.

He said: 'There is no doubt at all, that children's attainment in their early years reflects very closely the background which they bring with them into the learning process, through their parent and their families.'NAPE is urging parents and families to support and encourage their children to build on their reading, writing and numeracy skills at home.

It found that those children who were encouraged to develop these key skills at home were often a step ahead of their peers when it came to schoolwork.

'In many ways, the children are deeply affected. There is a high correlation between test results and family background,' added Mr Coe.

It was found that, in terms of academic ability, children who are fluent readers by the age of 14 are often a long way in front of those who are not confident with their reading.

This is because, by being encouraged to develop their academic skills like reading, they have grown in confidence and are able to think independently.

NAPE is, therefore, encouraging parents to consider the importance of creating a supportive and educational environment at home.

It says that parents should be helping their children to read, write and count from as early an age as possible, to develop their capacity for independent thought.