The benefits of encouraging your child into the workplace this summer

Jul 2016
If your child is partaking in paid work they will learn how to effectively budget their money.

What with school, homework and extracurricular activities, children often have little time left for much else throughout the school term. Whilst some children have a small job which fits nicely into their weekly routine, for others this is simply not feasible.

This is why the extended summer holiday period is the perfect time to introduce your child to the workplace. Whether it is through a two-week work placement, seasonal work at the local summer camp or freelance gardening within your local neighbourhood, your child will learn invaluable skills which will set them up for the future.

We've looked at some of the benefits of getting your child into the workplace this summer.

Keep's their mind active
During the summer if a child does not keep their mind active they risk losing some of their previous learning and will subsequently find it harder to adjust when the new school term begins. A summer job or work experience is a great way to keep your child engaged and learning over the summer.

It will instil some routine back into their days and encourage them to get active and out of the house.

Learn responsibility
Your child will learn to take greater responsibility for themselves as they will not have you, their siblings, nor friends to rely on in the workplace. They will develop greater self-reliance as it will be down to them to manage and fulfil their tasks effectively and to take responsibility for their attendance, punctuality and professional appearance and attitude.

Develop in confidence and learn new skills
In learning new skills your child will develop in confidence and ability. If your child is doing well within their role they will feel an enormous sense of pride and get a real boost in self-confidence.

Work experience and/or seasonal work gives your child a sneak peek into the working environment; and having already been to interviews and worked alongside adults means it will not be as daunting for them when they enter into the workplace for real. They will also have already learnt how to make a success of it.

Looks good on the CV
A CV with lots of work experience shows to a potential employer that your child is proactive and driven with a 'can-do' attitude. They will also have some of the essential skills employers are looking for giving them that edge on their competition.

In fulfilling work experience your child will also get a better idea of what kinds of professions they may or may not be interested in pursuing, and hence be better informed when choosing their GCSE and/or A-level subjects.

Learn money management
If your child is partaking in paid work they will learn how to effectively budget their money. They will have some disposal income for themselves and will experience that sense of reward and satisfaction knowing they have worked hard to earn their wage.

By encouraging your child to arrange some work experience for the summer or apply for a summer job, you are helping them towards having that extra bit of freedom they are always so desperately after and setting them up for a brighter future.