The benefits of involving children in cooking

Aug 2012
The benefits of involving children in cooking
Cooking provides opportunities for parents and siblings to spend quality time together.

Parents are often searching for fun and educational activities for their children that will also help them to develop important life skills. In addition to supplementary education and social clubs, many parents are involving their children in the preparation and cooking of family meals.

Encouraging children to cook is a great way to improve their healthy eating habits, but in addition to this there are a whole host of benefits that come from children learning to cook.

Cooking provides opportunities for parents and siblings to spend quality time together whilst mastering a variety of new skills. Here is an outline of just a few of these numerous benefits:

  • Teaching children to cook will help them to become aware of hazards in the kitchen. By spotting the hazards together and deciding as a family how you can avoid potential accidents, children will internalise these lessons and remember how to stay safe whilst having fun cooking.

  • Cooking helps to develop a child's planning and time management skills. They will be able to clearly see and reap the rewards of keeping to a plan and strict time schedule.

  • Cooking requires hands on use of a variety of maths concepts, including weight and measurement. Even when using a recipe, your child may need to vary the volumes depending on how many people will be enjoying their culinary delights.

  • Following a recipe will also give children a meaningful reading comprehension exercise.

  • Whilst it is important that children learn to follow instructions, cooking can also nurture a child's creativity and teach them the importance of good presentation.


In addition to the above, children can additionally get involved in the shopping for ingredients. This will help to develop their budgeting skills and knowledge of where foods come from, as well as how to store foods correctly and plan menus for the week ahead.