The Kumon triangle - student, parent, Instructor

Oct 2013
The Kumon Triangle
Our Kumon parents, students and Instructors work closely together to maximise the child's learning.

At Kumon, we work in partnership with parents and students, and we strongly believe this is key to discovering the true potential of each child often we refer to this as the Kumon triangle; the student's learning is at the heart of the triangle. Our Kumon parents, students and Instructors work closely together to maximise the child's learning.

As Kumon is a daily study programme (where students complete work at home each day and visit the study centre up to twice per week), it is vital the parent is closely involved at home, in not only motivating but also ensuring corrections are done regularly, as this is where a child can learn rapidly.

Often it is simply engagement between parent and child that ensures the child is able to maximise their learning at home.

Throughout a Kumon student's journey their Instructor will set work at the right volume and level of study to pursue their potential. At the centre the Instructor will:
  • observe the child working (paying attention to the development of their study skills, how they tackle new work, their ability to self-correct and their growing maths and English proficiency);
  • give feedback and guidance based on these observations to help build the child's academic and self-learning skills; and
  • set medium-term and long-term goals in consultation with the child, making a study projection to achieve these.
At home, it is the role of the parents to encourage the child to stay on track and pursue their goals. A Kumon parent should:
  • remain positive and show their child they are there to support their learning for the long term;
  • create a quiet environment for the child to work in, enabling them to give their full attention to the worksheets and complete their work more efficiently and effectively;
  • encourage the development of a daily study habit;
  • mark their child's worksheets every day, promptly after the worksheets have been completed and allowing time for the child to complete, and learn from, their corrections;
  • give praise for improvement, effort and the development of their child's skills and attitude to study;
  • maintain ongoing dialogue with the Instructor, and inform them of anything that might impact their child's studies, to aid in the setting of work.
It is a common goal for both Kumon Instructor and parent to ultimately entrust the child with full responsibility for their own learning. As a Kumon student progresses through their Kumon journey, they will increasingly take charge of their own learning, as they become an independent learner.

Through all stages of the Kumon journey, this three-way partnership is key to ensuring the student's potential is discovered and their ability is developed to the maximum.