Top tips to be exam ready

May 2018
Your support throughout exam season will really help put your child at ease.

It’s that time of year again – exam season!

Over the coming weeks thousands of students across the UK will be sitting their SATs, GCSE and A-level exams. No doubt they’ll understandably feel increasingly anxious in the days leading up to their exams; however, here are a few tips to help your child stay calm during exam season.

- As well as creating a quiet study environment at home, there is the option for your child to go to the library. Sometimes a change in scenery can help their level of concentration and remove distractions.

- Revision cards can be very useful. They limit clutter and make it easier for your child to revise or refresh their memory on the go. They’re also a handy tool you can use to test your child’s knowledge.

- Ensure your child stays hydrated and eats nutritious meals, especially on the mornings of their exams. You would not want them losing focus half way through the exam because of hunger pains.

- Maintaining focus is key especially if your child has more than one exam on the same day. Taking at good break after their first exam before turning their attention to the next one will help prepare them mentally.

- Encourage your child not to dwell on previous exams as this could affect their performance in the next one. Reminding them that the most important thing is they completed the exam to the best of their ability will put them at ease, meaning they’ll then be able to move on and focus on the following exam.

- Allow time to rest and relax. Children may become completely absorbed in the exam process, but it's important they give themselves time to unwind. A revision timetable will ensure your child finishes their work at a fixed time, therefore they can devote the rest of the afternoon/evening to their interests.

- Getting a good night’s sleep is more importance than ever during exam season. Whilst your child may feel the need to cram in revision the night before, they will be far more alert and better able to recall information after a restful night’s sleep. Good luck to everyone sitting their exams!