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Why do Kumon students study every day?

Sep 2023
Kumon's foremost goal is for every student to create a bright future for themselves.

The Kumon Method of Learning is designed to produce the greatest results in the quickest, most efficient way possible. The programmes have been specifically developed to enable mastery of high-level maths and an advanced level of reading comprehension ability.

The materials have been created to allow students to progress naturally and without overexerting themselves; our worksheets have been constructed in a manner which enables students to progress in small steps from material they are familiar with to topics above their school grade level that they have not seen before.

As a general guideline we say students should study for approximately 30 minutes per day for each subject, though this must be appropriate to each student's ability and motivation. Working every day is indeed a commitment which requires dedication and perseverance.

We take this approach because completing an appropriate amount of work on a regular basis is simply more effective for the student than having longer study sessions with extended breaks - they will learn more efficiently and make stronger progress as they apply what they have learned. This sense of routine also fosters effective study habits and a positive attitude to study.

In order to develop a student's ability to self-learn, it is necessary to ensure they form the habit of concentrating and completing worksheets rapidly in one go, right from enrollment. Their worksheets are then marked and returned to them as soon as possible to enable them to correct mistakes while their methods and workings are still fresh in their minds. When each child is given worksheets appropriate to his or her ability, concentration can be improved by doing a certain number of worksheets in one sitting. Students feel a sense of achievement and continue progressing to more and more advanced worksheets in this manner.

Equipped with the ability to study proactively, Kumon students can better pursue their goals and aspirations. Kumon's foremost goal is for each and every student to use their new-found abilities to create a bright future for themselves. We are currently offering a Free Trial of one week of Kumon Study - to see what Kumon can do for your child, click here to find your closest participating centre.