Business Opportunity in Hale

Kumon Hale Barns Study Centre is an established maths and English supplementary education provider located between Hale Barns, Hale and Altrincham. The target population covers people living with the Hale Barns area and selected residents of Hale, Ringway & Wythenshawe, thus providing a large scope of residents. The venue is located in a bright, airy and well-kept church hall, with free access to over 15 trestle tables and plenty of chairs. The venue has a dedicated parent waiting area, private parking and access to 150 parking space in the very close by shopping centre. Student numbers have grown organically since opening and there is plenty of scope to grow further. Classes currently operate two days a week and there is potential to add further days/hours, therefore opening Kumon up to many more families.

There is plenty of opportunity for temporary external signage at the venue as the church is located on an extremely busy road through Hale Barns, but also on the only exit route from the brand new and very popular shopping centre, making the centre visible to all passing traffic.

There is a prevalence of selective schools in the area which creates a demand for supplementary education and attitudes towards education in Hale Barns are excellent. The centre has very good working relationships with the very local Primary Schools, as a proportion of those students attend the centre. The centre has a superb reputation resulting in a stream of word of mouth recommendations which creates a steady stream of enquires.

For more information, please call 0800 854 714.