Kumon inspired me to start a career in education

May 2015
"Being a Kumon Instructor as well as a Kumon parent gives me a unique insight and added empathy."

Abby Sharma has been the Instructor at the Kumon Chessington Study Centre for nearly three years. She comes from a long line of educators and, having worked for British Airways and the Royal Bank of Scotland, decided to continue the family trend of working in education by becoming a Kumon Instructor.

Abby says: "My first taste of Kumon was when I enrolled my daughter in the Epsom Study Centre and found Kumon was benefiting her. It fascinated me to see how she was being instructed. Hailing from a family of accomplished educators, I have seen them enjoy the satisfaction and sense of fulfilment when they see their students grow into confident individuals who are happy to face any challenge. This is what motivated and inspired me to move from the corporate world to a career in education. I'm learning so much from running my own business; there is so much involved, from marketing to accounting and recruiting to training.

"Through Kumon, my daughter has become more focussed and faster at mental calculations. At school they do speedy maths, where they are timed each day doing calculations, she is very proud that she is faster than the others and her teacher has recognised that this is down to Kumon. She also takes pride that she has been faster than the teacher too on a few occasions! She wants to be a mathematician when she is older and I attribute that to Kumon too. My son has also now started on the programme.

"Being a Kumon Instructor as well as a Kumon parent gives me a unique insight and added empathy. It helps me to understand the children and the issues faced by parents; I can step into the shoes of the parent and share my experiences with them. I have seen first-hand how some students can be reluctant to start with, but go on to take pride in their work.

"The students continue to amaze me with their accomplishments, which is often far beyond their school level. It's heartening to hear positive feedback from parents and student; I once had a parent who cried with joy as her child had made such progress.

"I am keen to continuously improve my instructional abilities and I take a personal approach to my centre; no one leaves my centre without having a one-to-one with me and I regularly communicate with parents, updating them on how their child is doing. One month after the child has enrolled, I iron out any issues and let the parents know how their child is getting on and go over the goals and study projection. I also hold annual progress meetings with parents.

"And so, it was my great honour and privilege when my centre was chosen as one of four in the UK and Ireland to be part of the Kumon Global Personnel Exchange Programme - the programme is designed to learn from current Kumon Instructors and students in order to further improve the delivery of the Kumon Method of Learning and to help more children to achieve higher.

My centre was chosen because of our proven dedication and commitment to ongoing study and instructional improvement. I was very proud to be part of the programme and hope my centre continues to be part of such breaking initiatives, and that we continue to learn and develop our own instruction to the benefit of the children at our centres. My centre, and all other centres, will gain from the global expertise of Kumon Instructors."

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