I'd highly recommend opening your own Kumon centre

May 2016
"Seeing my students' progress is the real highlight for me."

Pav Haer has been Instructor at the Kumon High Wycombe North Study Centre since December 2013.

She talks honestly about the challenges she faced when starting out her business and reveals her ambitions for the future.

She said: "I decided to look into becoming a Kumon Instructor after having assisted two friends who were already Instructors. Having always had an interest in education and the way in which children are taught, I liked the concept of working and learning in a methodical way.

"I had also experienced first-hand how a child can develop on the Kumon programmes because my children studied Kumon when they were younger, and I saw how it enabled them to learn quickly and work systematically.

"Initially my takeover was not the smoothest. I needed to change some established procedures and admin processes, in order to work towards best practice. This overhaul was challenging and at times testing, and I had to overcome many obstacles in the initial four months.

"After the first year, as with any new venture, I started to develop as an Instructor and revamped the way the centre was run. The centre grew in the first year after which it plateaued, and then I had a drop. I tried various marketing strategies, and now, with over two years under my belt my centre is at a good size.

"Of course I would like my centre to continue to grow at a steady pace, not just through new students joining but also by improving retention. I would like to develop my instruction so that I am really impacting students from day one, and parents can also see a difference in the way their child is working. Being a long term programme parents do not always see the academic improvement early on, but if I can show skills progress within the first few months I feel they are more likely to see the academic improvement as well.

"What I enjoy most about my role is being able to assist my students in their needs, whether that is mental arithmetic, reading comprehension, developing concentration skills, etc. It's always great to see that light-bulb moment when a student gets it, when they have understood what they need to do to find the answer, or when they can sit and focus for 30 minutes and produce a good piece of work.

"I have met all of my personal goals over the last two years, and there has been so many stand-out moments at the centre itself, from having two students complete the English programme, to seeing students who were ready to give up, come out the other side stronger with more confidence.

"I have recommended becoming a Kumon Instructor to a friend in the past, who actually now runs a centre themselves. I would say however, that it is not a part-time job. The initial year is intense and to make it a success you have to have time, space, and a supportive family.

"If I were to go back and start the process again, there would be a few things I would do differently, but overall, I enjoy so many aspects of running my Kumon Study Centre; I have grown as an Instructor and business person over the past two years, and seeing my students' progress is the real highlight for me."

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